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Old Compression Garments


I'm sure this has been covered before (think it was this site) but unable to find it.

Which overseas aid organisation takes used compression garments? I have a 10+ years collection in bag at back of wardrobe (sound familiar to you? lol)

Would like to approach my UK hospital lymphedema clinic to ask them to act as a collection point for old garments in this area, then forward them on to a foreign aid org who could put them to some use.

Anyone able to help on this?

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The organisation you are looking for is called Lymphoedema International Health & Development Awareness (LIHDA). Their website is lihda.org

There is a link to 'Getting Started' where you can download ways of getting used garments to the central collection point. Few NHS clinics are involved, as it is a logistical problem, storing used garments, which is why it may be easier to send garments to the charity direct.

Sheilamoose in reply to Lynora

Brilliant - thank you so much.

Think I might design an A4 poster about it & ask them to put it up on notice board in clinic instead. Two pairs of made-to-measure arm sleeves cost the NHS over £175 so would like to do my bit towards helping the less fortunate.

I took all mine to the clinic and they said no...

Sheilamoose in reply to julesab

Rang my clinic today & they said yes to a poster but no room to store old garments. This is rubbish - due to ‘patient confidentiality’ if a patient is in clinic the door is locked & you now have to sit & wait in corridor; so why have they got a large waiting area inside the clinic???? Chuck out one chair & replace it with a collecting box I say! If breast screening department (tiny waiting room) can find room for tall box to put old bras in for overseas aid it doesn’t make sense to me.

I will try to find small box (reminder to self: check sizes on Royal Mail site) and cram as many garments in as possible & send them off


Clinic has now actually read the article on website & have asked lihda to send them a collection box! Yay - it pays to persevere sometimes (& they still would like a poster for notice board).

In July after sending garments to LIDHA I received a reply:

'Sadly, due to the moving of a valuable LIHDA member Ursula back to Canada, the old shipping address [which was Natley House, Ridgeway

, Pyrford, West Byfleet, GU22 8PW] will not be available anymore. We are hoping the problem with the storage will be sorted until September'.

I suggest contacting LIHDA <lihdainfo@gmail.com> before sending anything else.

Thanks for update. Was about to send box full collected from lymphoedema clinic last Friday (box full in 2 weeks!) So sad as such a good cause. Will keep hospital collecting (they even emailed every patient they could asking them to bring old garments in). Going to be in trouble with other half now for big box cluttering up house lols

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