Sadly I just can't pull garments on, not even using aids. Had polio - and find that staff in UK just don't know what loss of muscle does - but at last found a Hungarian trained medic - and she immediately said of course I wouldn't be strong enough to pull them on. One nurse was very kind, and put stockings on for me - but I couldn't take them off, and had to resort to using a kitchen knife! Ruin of NHS property!

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  • Has anyone ever suggested 'zipped' garments? Jobst (Elvarex) do them mainly for ulcer care, but they can be utilized for lymphoedema.

  • Sadly they still need some strength to pull up the zip - but thanks for suggetion

  • Farrow Wrap or Ready Wrap?

  • I've got a drawful-full of garments! Each one arrives - I get all excited - try to pull them on - and give up after a real tussle ! So at least I find MLD works - but it's annoying that we have to pay for this.

  • Could your GP get social care involved? Someone to help you don the garments in the morning, then someone else to get them off in the evening?

    I think the earlier suggestion on another thread of pneumatic compression may be the way to go, and should be funded by your GP if compression garments are inappropriate in your case.

  • I hesitate to set this in train, as it would be horrendously expensive, and our Council is now making us pay for Carers. So MLD will work out cheaper.

    Also, my LD nurse says that with long term side effects of drugs, I wouldn't be able to tolerate wraps on skin - what a problem this all is.

    If only I could get NHS to see sense and fund MLD - but you have given me an idea - I could ask for someone to come every day - and see what happens!

  • I agree with bigleg, the leaflets and videos do not show badly affected limbs. If I had legs like the ones in the demos I would not need compression hose. I cannot put mine on and pay £40.00/£50.00 per week to have carers come every morning to put them on.

    good luck


  • I can't complain then about cost of having MLD privately! Incidentally, do you have problems with itchy skin underneath garments?

  • I green that the best thing you could do is to get daily help to put them on. I had spinal surgery s is months ago, with complications leading to bilateral lymphoedema and recurrent cellulitis. It took three months to get the diagnosis and treatment I needed. Now I wear compression stockings in the day, and Farrowwraps at night. I pay for someone to come in for 15 minutes am and pm, to help me get the compression stockings on in the morning, and th FW in the evenings. I am trying to get to the point of being able to apply the FW myself, but it is a strain on my back still. It is worth it to me to pay £20 a week for this, but realise this might be too much for you, and suggest you discuss it with the GP. With very best wishes.

  • Thanks for suggestion but have decided to pay for MLD every two/three weeks - and this seems to keep things under control (cross fingers). Although I think here the Social Services would oay for someone to come in to hed me daily - but to go through the form filling etc. fills me with dread! Anything for a peaceful life! But I do wish that the NHS would look at each case, decide how much care is going to cost, and then all the patient to choose which would be be most use - and possibly cheaper!

  • Hope it goes well for you!

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