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Lightweight compression garments

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Hi all does anyone know where in the uk you can get lightweight garments from please? I’ve got lymphodema in both legs and I’m taking a long haul flight. The garments I have are really thick & make my legs sweat even in uk heat which is uncomfortable so wondered if any lighter or breathable ones are available to use?

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Hi, I would recommend the product that Gardamed sell

They are available on prescription and they are Latex free; so a bit easier to wear in the heat. it is an Italian product, really soft and comfortable.



Thank you I’ll look those up

Daylong Compression and Pebble UK

Here are the links:

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Thank you

Hazie I have used Jobst and Medi over the decades...and in hot climates with no challenges in hot and humid climates. Now permanently living in the UK. The Jobst are made to measure Class 3 compression and the Medi off the shelf Class 3 add the additional compression I require. I wear the Medi under the Jobst on the big leg. Will be 75 this month. Jobst are full length tights and the medi individual stockings. When overseas I had to pay for them, but here in the UK they are on prescription replenished every 6 months. I machine wash, but use Bicarb as my washing powder. This combination has worked well for me for many years now.

I found the Duomed products very good, particularly the soft2easy product for foot and leg (two separate items.)

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