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Pain in Left Arm with Lymphodema


I have secondary lymphodema in my left arm following surgery for breast cancer. I am currently experiencing severe pain in my arm and have no strength in the arm so can’t use it. I am on pain killers but wondered if anyone else has a similar problem. I have MLD on a weekly basis which helps with the swelling.

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How recent was your treatment? Has your MLD therapist recommended you see someone to get checked out?

February23 in reply to Lynora

I am currently having chemo and waiting for an appointment with a pain management nurse. I have painkillers to take in the meantime but my arm is still not working properly! Thanks for your response Lynora, it means a lot x

Wondering if you have been given exercises to do for your arm, though if you are in extreme pain it's going to be tricky. Wondering if nerves have been damaged in surgery?

My surgery was in November 2017 and although I have had lymphodema since about March 2018 I have never experienced this sort of pain and discomfort until about 3/4 days ago when my arm became unusable. I do have exercises to do but at the moment they are tricky to do. I’m at my wits end as I am normally a very independent person and now my husband has to do everything.

Oh dear I feel for you. I hope that you can get some help from the pain management nurse. A friend of mine sees a pain specialist and it has made a huge difference for her, so good luck x

Thanks for your understanding. I hope to get some answers in the next week or so x

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