Left arm lymphodema and left side

I have mild lymphodema in my left arm and left side right where your bra fits, this is from lymph node excision from left axila. I am having trouble finding bras that are really firm, not under wired but look quite nice. I have two heavy duty sports bras that I wear most days but would like something for when I want to look a bit more attractive. I have tried some but they do not give the support in this area. It also needs to have a fastening as by the end of the day I sometimes find it hard to lift arms over my head.

Does anyone know where I could find this type of bra, supportive but nice looking and not costing a fortune?


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  • Hi

    I have a similar problem and I know how hard it is to find something that supports your side without digging in. I wear either the Anita maternity crop top(sleep bra) or the Anita Risa Faia light sports bra. Neither are particularly beautiful but comfortable for me and not heavy duty.

  • Thank you

  • Have u tried Marks and Spencers hun? They do lovely bras at a very low cost and for us .

  • Hi yes the ones I have are from m&s sports bras, also recently bought a couple of non under wire bras room there but they are not supportive enough on my side


  • Hi

    I have the same problem but mostly use bras from either JD Williams on-line or Avon non wired bras. Also Nicola Jane nicolajane.com these are mastectomy bras as I also had left mastectomy but I have had reconstruction surgery so really do not need a mastectomy bra, I just find some of them are more supportive but pretty as well although they are quite expensive. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  • Thanks I started looking on JD Williams as they have lots of bras think I will order some to see

  • JD Williams also do Mastectomy bras which are not in the normal listing, you have to do a search for Mastectomy bras on their website. Most of the other bras are good as well. Good Luck!

  • I too have the same problem but I always wear Fantasie or Freya bras which I buy from Debenhams - in the sale! The fitting service is usually very good and they make sure that the bra is fitted well and is comfortable. The reconstructed breast is smaller and I do have a bit of a gap but not so bad that it annoys me. The side of my reconstructed breast is sometimes slightly swollen and can be painful but the well fitted underwire bra doesn't cause too much grief. Good luck!

  • Thank you I will try debenhams they seem to have a lot, I am only a B cup and most really supportive bras start at D 😄

  • I had same problem I have prosthetic support tomaid reconstruction looking the same on nhs. Try amoena website they do lot of lingerie but I think are expensive !! I had reconstruction and have lymphoedema in right arm I use a crop top !! 👍

  • Thanks

  • I tend to wear soft bras from M&S as have the same problem. They also do a very soft bra like the belvia type but it fastens at the back- they are £12.50 and in black, neutral and white.

    I only wear underwires for a small time if I am out as they are still too uncomfy a year on. Also i try to change my bra by end of the day. However, my lymphedema is starting to improve in the truck area so am hopeful.

    Hope you find something. xxx keep smiling

  • Thank you xx

  • I had the same problem, the best ones I have found are some non-wired ones in Debenhams that are a bit moulded so give a nice shape and best of all you look normal.....except for the compression sleeve of course. Why can't they come up with something that looks a bit more attractive, especially when on show in hot weather.

  • Thanks for your reply, do you know the name of the bras they sound perfect. Sleeve is fine in winter but very conscious of it as summer approaches 😄

  • They are Debenhams own brand. If you look online the code is 1520103011. Have found them much more comfortable than the sports style ones as they just dug into my lymphodema under my boob. Hope they work for you too x

  • I generally wait for the Amoena sale and buy their bras, I have a couple that give good support but are not underwired. I have also bought some good 'everdaywear' bras from M&S but have to travel to a branch that stocks post mastectomy range. There is also an independent lingerie stockist in my local town, but as with Amoena I have to wait for the sale and also they cannot carry a big range of styles.

  • Thank you I will take a look at amoena bras a few people have mentioned these

  • Hi

    Please could I recommend you to a company called Nicola Jane. I recently purchased 2 bras (Safina and Jasmine) from this company and they were excellent to deal with. If you require additional information please don't hesitate to ask.


  • Thank you just looked and they have a shop in London I can get to.

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