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Hi I have R.arm and hand lymphedema after breast cancer 10 years ago.I wear compression sleeves.also had bouts of cellulitis from time to time,last one being in Dec 2016,this time I had pain at the top of my arm(where it is not swollen).I told my lymph nurse and she said it would go.It has been getting worse especially at night.I wonder if it has anything to do with the lymphedema at all.Does cellulitis cause muscle damage? I will see my nurse and GP in August,just wondered if anyone else has had this,perhaps I could have it x-rayed.It really hurts if I catch it,and putting bra on and off is a no no.Thanks any info appreciated.

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  • Can you get a physio to check you out? May be early frozen shoulder?

  • I, too, have lymphedema of the right arm/hand from BC. I am right handed so this really is a huge problem for me. Like you, a number of bouts of cellulitis(10) in the past 7 years, last being this past March. I'm not a physician just another patient like you. My arm, is achy and sore and muscles hurt pretty much all day, every day. My suspicions are that, because I have had so many infections, the lymphatics, tissues, muscles are weakened and damaged. (Well I know the lymphatics are damaged and not working in the entire forearm as I have had extensive testing) None of those tests could really report on the muscles. Most of my muscle pain is the upper arm as well. I believe that just lifting this heavier arm also impacts the muscle and makes it sore. Was your arm red in that area with the last bout of cellulitis? As perhaps, that is where is started this time and thus injured? My upper arm pain, well really all the pain is 2 fold in the night time. I sleep little as I can never get that arm in a comfortable position and I think all that tossing and turning makes the muscles work even harder because it really is dead weight at night due to the fact that the arm is more relaxed. Could this be some of your issue, perhaps? So good that you are seeing the doctor and therapist very soon to investigate.

  • Hi there I agree with what you say, I did have the redness from infection last December in my upper arm so I reckon it did damage my muscle . I am going to ask for an investigation /physiotherapist to check for me. Not to long to wait now. Thank you.

  • Hi Amelia it could well be muscle pain but I've also been told if you have consistent pain to go to your gp as it could be a blood clot and they do an ultrasound - I have had it done as I had pain after having celulitis turned out to be nothing but worth checking out just to be on the safe side

  • Hi Amelia, like you I have pain in my upper arm, I was given pain patches to wear at night as it's worse then. Prior to surgery I always slept on my right, however i dont know last time i had a proper full nights sleep but patches do help numb pain some. Maybe worth a try? Hope you get some answers and relief soon. X

  • Hi everyone I have seen my GP about arm pain. I have been told it is frozen shoulder and I am going to be seeing a physiotherapist.I asked if cellulitis could cause any damage and was told it is hard to tell, I shall ask the physio.Lynora you said it could be that. I wonder if the lymphodema brought it on it's just an age thing, I hope to get some answers soon anyway. 😊

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