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Lymphodema in hand

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Lymphodema in hand.

I have le last 15 years in arm very mild all good wear compression swim etc. Arm volume difference only 3 percent from good arm Last October sadly went into hand and mld or bandaging has not been able to resolve. This is very disappointing as my condition was so under control and now it is very different. Am researching everything to help me. Does anyone have any advice re hand or is it impossible to treat? Would consider anything

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I would think a compression glove worn throughout the day would help your hand. Best that it's prescribed by a lymphoedema specialist.

I wear toe caps, a sort of foot glove; bandaging and MLD helps in the short term but I need to wear my 'foot glove' all day otherwise the swelling returns.

I found that a separate glove didn't work for me, but a combined sleeve with gauntlet was much better, so that's also something worth considering.

ThSnks very much would you mind sending a photo of your garment

Here you go. If you want to see pics of a model wearing it online, google "Juzo classic combined armsleeve with gauntlet", which is the one I have. You could try a separate glove first, which does have the benefit of you being able to take it off to wash your hands easily (I really disliked the glove, though). With this one, I kind of wash around my fingers because it's too much of a faff disrobing and taking off the whole sleeve when you just want to wash your hands quickly. There's also food prep and dirty jobs to consider: I've taken to wearing a rubber glove over my hand when doing such jobs (the joy of lymphoedema!). My problem with the separate glove is that the combination of the glove and the sleeve possibly created too much pressure at the wrist and the compression in the glove wasn't strong enough - so it didn't do anything to improve the swelling. Sounds like others might have had success though... Something else to consider is that if you have swelling in your fingers you might either need a separate glove or a combined sleeve with fingers.

Juzo combined arm sleeve with gauntlet

I have the similar symptoms and use a hand compression glove which helps. Some swelling is not possible to remove. Good luck.

Thanks, do you just wear a glove only and no sleeve?

I wear them together.

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