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Trying to under Lymphedema.


Most of my treatment has been compression wraps and compression sleeves. I keep trying to find the right treatment for me so that my hand and fingers do not swell and hurt. Last week I received a custom all in one sleeve and glove. It appears to be better keeping the swelling down in my hand during the day; however, the little finger feels numb at times and it is too tight on the thumb joint. What to do?

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Go back to your compression provider - it can take a few attempts before the right garment is comfortable. Is this your first time in a combi-compression? If so, don't wear it the whole day - get used to it incrementally - a couple of hours first day, 3 hours the next and so on. If the numbness persists in the little finger, then the measurement is wrong at the lower part of the finger, and will cause nerve pain - likewise the thumb joint. If you still have older garments, use them as well (not at the same time :) ) so that your skin gets rest. Are you in the UK?

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No, I am not in the UK, but the USA. I hope to get the fit evaluated soon. Your advice is well taken. I think I can make some suggested changes for the next garment.

Hi Bella_dog. I agree with Lynora, though of course during the COVID 19 crisis you won't be able to get a face to face review with your Lymphoedema service. You may be able to get a telephone consult though, some services are able to offer this. In the meantime another tip you can try is to stretch the thumb/finger piece of your garment......

..... this is a bit unconventional... but it has worked for some of my patients.

Use a wooden spoon handle/ something similar ( a dowel ), which is smooth but rod-like it needs to be slightly larger than the finger/thumb piece so that if left over night it helps to relax the fabric. If you do this when the garment is damp it is easier. Try on just 1 garment first.

If this helps all well and good, but still get your measurements and garment reviewed once clinic re opens.

All the best

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Thanks for the suggestion of stretching using the dowel. I did try it on the thumb and it has helped some. I am waiting to hear about a follow-up appointment.

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Hi Bella_dog, glad it helped, even a little . It might need to be done a few times. Flat knit/custom made garments do `ease' a little the more they are washed and worn, but the finger and thumb pieces have les `give' in them. All the best.

What state do you live in? I have a wonderful therapist in FL.

All the best to you.


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I live in Georgia outside of Atlanta. Thanks for thinking about me. I have found some good suggestions on the site.

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