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Hi.I am new here and frustrated.My GP gave me a prescription for compression stockings and a address to take it to. I got to the place and the guy there said I cant give you socks without being measured! So why would my GP do this? What is she supposed to do? Thanks Everybody,my name is Rock

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She's clearly ignorant. Theres a lot of ignorance on these stockings. Ive heard daylong on line are very good at dispensing. you have to explain to GP that someone needs to measure you. Its skilled. Its difficult for you - hopefully she'll refer you soonest to an LD nurse.



hello, I am always measured by my Lymph Nurse, for glove and sleeve Pam

Rock - are you in the US?

Your GP left out the middleman,you can't get stockings without first been measured by the lymph nurse at the Lymphedema clinic.You Gp should do this for you and you should really be in the care of the clinic ,and get measured every six months,then like me they will give your measurements to the GP and He/She will order them when you request them at six month intervals,you will also have to have doplar tests at the clinic,to test for blocked arteries.

You did a good thing.Thanks.Yes, I am in the U.S. I live in Marysville,Wa.Close to Seattle. I will use this info,and teach my GP what she should have known. I appreciate your input here.

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Hi Rock - I have sent a PM

Hi Rock - some suppliers/shops will measure you. If they can’t, find a therapist/nurse who can. Someone with knowledge of lymphedema and a tape measure can do this.

Rock, You can manage this condition with compression but you will need new properly measured stockings at least 6 monthly. Remember no two legs are the same. Flight socks wont do.

The store should measure you. Ask for another place to get them and all ahead to see if they will measure you. I buy online at (best prices) and buy the same size all the time so don't need to be measured again.

Hi Rocki, oh the frustrations of trying to get a compression garment measured. It was okay while I was having treatment with a private Lymphedema specialist, she would measure leg, then Dr would do prescription, chemist would then send it off to Jobst and back would come garment -job done! !! Alas nog any more, specialist retired, for over 2 years trying to get someone to measure me for a new garment, I have six that are all the WRONG size!!! Am still trying to find someone to measure, sorry about the rant, hope you have more success

Thanks to everyone helping me with the sock issue. Lynora wrote me at first and I printed it out and gave it to my Dr. to set her straight on how to do a job.

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