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Help with footwear suggestions Please!

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Hi, my name is Jenny and I have been prescribed wraps to try and get the swelling down. Can anyone make a suggestion what to wear on your feet with these awful things.

At the moment I am wearing post operative shoes as they are the only things I can get on. The trouble is,I have curvature of the spine and osteoporosis which has caused me to have numerous Spinal fractures. I feel as if I am wearing two housebricks on the end of my legs and they are causing me terrible back pain.

Any suggestions please.

Thank you Jenny x

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Are you in the UK? The therapist who fitted the wraps will be able to advise you on suitable footwear, especially with your pre-existing spine probs. A larger size trainer, for instance, would not be advisable - have a chat with the therapist.

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Attic in reply to Lynora

Thank you Lynora, I will. Yes, I am in the UK.

Jenny x

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Snaomi in reply to Lynora

When I used to wrap I used birkenstock sandals with velcro and tape. Not great looking but it does the trick.

I wear wraps. I get my shoes from Wider Fit Shoes they do up to 8 x e fittings Not cheap but well made and made in Britain. They have loads to choose from though not all styles go up to 8e fitting Cosyfeet are good too

Hi I used to wear ballerinas from J D Williams at £10 pair in 2 sizes up from my usual size . Feel like slippers not a lot of support but I don't go out much . With compressions knee highs I wear Hotter wide fit in 1size bigger . Good support and walking shoe for outside

Buy them when special offers are on .

Offers are on now hope this helps

As I nearly fell over in clinic when trying these big black things on . They keep saying your wearing the wrong shoes but they haven't tried to get something that's comfortable and looks reasonable I am 79 but that doesn't mean you can't feel good

In addition to the other suggestions, have you tried men sneakers/shoes? When I used wraps for two weeks 24/7, I too nearly injured myself with the "post op" footwear, so on a whim I tried my husband's sneakers, not only were they wide enough to accommodate all that wrap bandaging, they offered some needed stabilization. Best of luck in your search for footwear.

I have one affected foot the other not. Much improved following a year of compression. I'm now wearing Doc Martens lace up boots, in a size 7 (used to wear 5.5/6 shoes), which I find works well for me - I lace the affected foot much looser than the other. Happy with this as it suits my generally funky dress style (am in my early 60s). They are mega comfortable! (and I walk a lot - at least 5 and up to 10 miles a day).

Hi. I have Lipo-Lymphoedema and find wearing Crocs the best thing for me, whether I am wearing stockings or wraps - proper Crocs, though, not the knock-offs.

Best of luck :)

I have unilateral secondary lymphoedema extending from my lower abdo to my foot. I'm getting on well with a pair of knock-off crocs - that's all I can get short of buying on-line.

I wear them with thick woolly socks, indoors in the winter. Also wear a size larger pair outdoors, with waterproof socks for when it rains - desperate measures as I haven't yet found a pair of weatherproof shoes that fit.

Hello Attic,

Getting shoes that are comfortable can be a proper pain especially if like most of us here your feet are swollen for a large proportion of your day. Jf you are here in the UK your local hospital or foot clinic should be able to help with shoes, if indeed shoes are the answer. You might find that if you have just had surgery some form of raised and bandaged platform is the answer until you have healed after surgery. I know that some people find Jesus sandells good to wear, but these would have limited use outdoors if the weather was bad. There are a few specialist shoe firms who make shoes for people like us and you may find something from an online catalogue but again there is nothing quite like shopping for what you need. Whatever, you do don't get taken in by paying a high price for shoes without some form of guarantee that if they are not comfortable you can't get a refund on them. I know I bought an expensive pair of Shiropody shoes and although i tried them on and they seemed to be the most perfect fit for my feet at the time.When I started to wear them all day for work they were hellish painful to wear. Yet on the day i tried them, I was measured, they fitted like a glove and I came away happy that I had finally found something I could wear. The problem I have, is that as my day goes on, my feet become more and more swollen with fluid and anything I wear becomes tighter, I also find that the cushioned inner sole is only at the heel and not the full length of the shoe so the ball of my foot becomes very hot and painful too. I have tried an insole but this makes them too tight to war at all. So beware of buying in haste. Incidently, I find it pays to shop around. Good luck that you can find something soon and a very merry Christmas to you in this quest.

Crocs work well for me, the original ones, which are the roomiest.

Hi Jenny, your best, but not quickest, course of action would be for your GP to refer you to get some special shoes made on the NHS. Also beware recommendations to buy Cosyfeet shoes. All they are good at is marketing!

Hi everyone,thank you all that have replied to my post.

I haven't managed to find anything to wear outdoors as yet, but have found a pair of Hotter Wrap Slippers, two sizes too big, which just about do the job.

A Happy New Year to you all

Jenny x

Hi Attic,

When my ankles were swollen I wore magnetic ankle bracelets and I was very surprised that the swelling went down.

They're cheap to buy from the internet so worth a try.

If you do try I hope it works for you as it did for me and good luck with your shoes.

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Attic in reply to granny5

Thank you granny5, certainly worth a try.

Jenny x

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