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Lymphedema and varicose veins

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I have severe lymphedema in my left leg as most of you will now but I have a question I also have varicose veins which is making things worse has anybody else had their varicose veins done in their lymphedema legs because I'm going to see a specialist about my varicose veins in a couple of weeks and I wanted to know if they will do it for me because obviously the risks of infection... Thank Sharon

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I've had primary lymphodema in my right leg for getting on for 50 years and a varicose vein done about 5 years ago. The ops was done under private health insurance. Its been fine.

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sharon1234 in reply to Andy13

Thank you for replying x

Hi Sharon I have primary lymphodeema affecting me from the waist down, both legs quite badly now. It came on late, mid thirties... symptom wise. I had varicose veins in both legs & no history of cellulitis. The veins were stripped which apparently isn’t wise with lymphodeema potentially damaging the lymphatics more, should have used lazer or something I’ve been told. Never the less I had no problems following the surgery, bar the fact that it took a few months to settle down to the levels of swelling that I would have had preop. Best of luck. Megs

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Thank you for getting back me. All the information is very helpful. I'm scared they are going to reject to me because of my lymphedema but I'm sure and I've been told my lymphedema is worse because I have varicose veins condition to let's hope they will stripping because I am now 48 and he advised me to get them done in my 20s so you can imagine what state they are in now but I didn't have lymphedema then I developed lymphedema after having cervical cancer about 15 years ago now . But thank you x


There are different types of varicosities,according to its size, but in general I recommend non surgical techniques (like endovenous laser ablation or percutaneous injection) for you to avoid risk of infection.

Good luck

What can I have done then because obviously the varicose veins I'm making my leg a lot bigger as well as the lymphedema period the varicose veins are very thick and very long and bumpy and I think they go from top to bottom but surely I'm going to have more infections or get infections from varicose eczema but is very itchy and if I was to get an infection after them being removed I think it will be worth it if it brings my leg down by any size you understand what I'm saying..... but in your words there's was some words I don't understand.. but thank you for your reply Dr

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Endovenous laser ablation is minimally invasive procedure done through the skin, guided by ultrasound.

Percutaneous injection is also minimally invasive.

You should ask your consultant about both these options, as ‘vein stripping’ does have a very high risk of infection.

Have you had a chat with your Lymphoedema Clinic about treatment options?

I see them both into weeks but both are separate appointments but my terrible varicose veins do affected my lymphedema and makes my leg so heavy I can hardly walk sometimes the both of them together lymphedema and varicose veins it's not a very good at all but thank you for your reply you are so kind to people on here giving them help and advice and explaining things


I've primary not long seen vascular they've discovered a collapsed vein but as per I'm no wiser as I'm finding no one likes explaining shit anymore

Aww bless you. How did they find that out. Because my leg is that swollen you can't see them but I know they're there and I'm just wondering how they can get to see what's there because as I said I should have had him done in my 20s and now I'm 48 and I'm sure they're making my swelling worse but I agree with you they just fob us off. Have you got another appointment we need to stand up to them and tell them when needs things done let's join gangs lol x

Yeah I've another appointment October, my issue is with my lymphoedema my legs aren't that bad swelling wise if I manage them I've an anxiety over putting on weight so I eat fairly healthy but I wasn't told anything about lymphoedema from any specialist that I had to do my own research on the lymphatics and what I've learned about that them stripping veins is not only going to force the blood vessels to clean up that mess but the lymphatics to since that cleans up after veins normally. But I do agree we need a louder voice they just don't have knowledge on a highly important system, or is it just me reading to much since noone talks

I agree with you but they know more now than try used to. My doctor thought I had a DVT she kept sending me to hospital all the time until my cancer specialist told me what it was for the doctor didn't have a clue period do you see lymphedema nurse specialist I've see one every six weeks or so. Do you wear compression stockings i wear Class 3 compression stockings but my lymphocemia is that bad in my left leg I wear two one on top of each other but that's my own choice because they are not managing my lymphedema well. It would be great if we are lived close to each other because we could have our own regular meetings and put the world to rights and share each other's ideas now that would be an ideal World.... where in the UK are you from. I'm in north Yorkshire


I’ve had my veins done thee times, the first was in the 80s in my 20s and they were stripped which is terribly painful. The last time was summer 2018, it was non invasive / without general anaesthetic and a total breeze which I had about a month after my bandaging for Primary Lymphoedema. Excellent results. The surgeon was Mr Ian FranKlin at The Cadogan Clinic. If you have medical insurance check the surgeon is ‘fee assured’.

Thank ever so much for your positive result in the UK we don't have medical insurance ,well I don't. I'm just hoping I can get it done on the NHS and I'm just hoping they don't refuse me because of my lymphedema. I think it's a week on Thursday I go no sorry a week on Friday but I have an awful feeling they're going to reject me. But I am not going to give up ...but how do they see them because of the swelling of the lymphoedema this is what I want to know ?????is there a way of them just seeing how many they are or how bad they are because that's what I want them to see because I know they are bad underneath if you understand what I'm saying thank you again dear

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You should get an ultra sound to ‘visualise’ the underlying blood vessels.

They may be reluctant to do this procedure on secondary lymphoedema, but it must be discussed - are you seeing the Lymphoedema Clinic first? If yes, tell them you are seeing a vascular consultant about the varicose vein. They, hopefully, will liaise with the consultant, with regards to compression for post-op care.

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KXXD in reply to sharon1234

After the initial consultation they scanned both legs.

Thank you kindly for your reply. All advice is noted down. Hopefully I will have the right information in a couple of weeks because I am due at the hospice and I am due at the hospital appointment as discussed

Kind regards


Google Vein911

Dr. Christopher Pitman in Tampa, Florida

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sharon1234 in reply to Gearla

I'm in the UK

Hello Sharon, I know a very famous lymphedema surgeon in Turkey which did a surgery to my friend who had lymphedema in her legs as well now he's getting really better,he goes to London as well to do check-ups on his patients after surgery every month, I think he can really help you in your case.

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Thank you so much. Your very help full. I'm going this coming Friday so I will keep very one updated. Kind regards Sharon

Dear all thank you for your help and support I have my appointment on Friday and just as I thought they will not help me me they said they would do me a scan to make sure my veins are not leaking but have never heard of varicose veins leaking before I know varicose veins causes more water retention so why won't they remove them lymphedema is lymph retention and not water I said I would message you all and I hope you all get to read this but if you can help me in any way please feel free but I feel like I need a second opinion and if I had the money I would go to London or somewhere

My lymphoedema is known as vienous lymphoedema due to small and large varicose veins. My veins have not been done but then my lymphoedema does not trouble me unless I get cellulitis at the same time. Most of the time I have to stay active as this good for those with lymphoedema.

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