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Has anyone had a varicose vein operation on their legs?


I have varicose veins in my big leg.

Can anyone advise on the best operation,

and a good hospital or surgeon please.

as they are painful and achey all the time,

and could get worse. There are different

operations I know - mostly outpatient now I

think, tho' 40 years ago I had them 'stripped'

it doesn't last for ever.

Thank you


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Have you discussed this with your Lymphoedema clinic or vascular surgeon? Are you in the UK?

ofcourse in reply to Lynora


Thank you for asking - am in UK - I was told the last op left a bleeding point so they were bound to come back. 40 years is a good innings, I'd have to do it privately, but just wondered which method was favoured if any by members here ?

Thank you



ahmedsawaby in reply to ofcourse

hi ofcourse

As vascular surgeon ,the best method to treat recurrent varicose is foam sclerotherapy ultrasound guided (,not painful,outpatient,quick)


ofcourse in reply to ahmedsawaby

Thank you - that's very good

of you to suggest it.

All best wishes


There is a very good article in the Summer 2017 edition of Lymphline, the magazine of LSN, on 'Antibiotics for Surgical Procedures in Patients with Lymphoedema' as there are BLS/LSN guidelines which you could show to your surgeon whether for outpatient or inpatient surgery.

You can access these at lymphoedema.org/index.php/c...

Good luck with the operation.

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