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Has anyone had a varicose vein operation on their legs?

I have varicose veins in my big leg.

Can anyone advise on the best operation,

and a good hospital or surgeon please.

as they are painful and achey all the time,

and could get worse. There are different

operations I know - mostly outpatient now I

think, tho' 40 years ago I had them 'stripped'

it doesn't last for ever.

Thank you


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Have you discussed this with your Lymphoedema clinic or vascular surgeon? Are you in the UK?

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Thank you for asking - am in UK - I was told the last op left a bleeding point so they were bound to come back. 40 years is a good innings, I'd have to do it privately, but just wondered which method was favoured if any by members here ?

Thank you




hi ofcourse

As vascular surgeon ,the best method to treat recurrent varicose is foam sclerotherapy ultrasound guided (,not painful,outpatient,quick)


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Thank you - that's very good

of you to suggest it.

All best wishes



There is a very good article in the Summer 2017 edition of Lymphline, the magazine of LSN, on 'Antibiotics for Surgical Procedures in Patients with Lymphoedema' as there are BLS/LSN guidelines which you could show to your surgeon whether for outpatient or inpatient surgery.

You can access these at lymphoedema.org/index.php/c...

Good luck with the operation.

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