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I have the Flexitouch pump. One therapist told me do not let go into groin. Another told me definitely must or it won't work. Does anyone know who is right. Appreciate any info. on this. Thank you in advance.

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Do you only have a leg piece or do you have a section that covers your abdomen too? Have you been taught self lymphatic drainage, that you should do prior to and after a Flexitouch treatment?


Hi Lenora. Thank you for your fast reply.I have both legs and trunk that comes up to waist.I was told to open before. Which is sides of neck and over collar bones. Also arm pits.But I also do deep breathing. What say you ?


That’s sounds right. ‘Open’ before and after use of the IPC. Not sure what the therapist meant by not letting device go into/as far as, the groin - it should! Have you been taught SLD of the abdomen as well as the deep breath work?


Only the deep breathing. Am I also to open up after ?


Also theripest said it must massage groin or nothing would work as it should


Hi Jodininey11

Opening up/massaging your groin, neck and arm pit as well as deep breathing should be done not only before, also after treatment.

You have now had two Lymphoedema therapists advise you to pump through the groin and up into the lower trunk - Lynora is a very experienced therapist.

I also have the Flexitouch - due to the programme settings in the control box it would be difficult to avoid the groin unless you selected the lower leg programme.

Pump up to your waist just ensure you do SLD before and afterward. Deep Breathing periodically during the programme is also advised (watch the instruction DVD).

If you have the Flexitouch Plus which has the option of pumping both legs simultaneously it’s imperative you do even more lymphatic breathwork as so much lymph is drawn up from the legs and dumped into the trunk/core - the lymphatics in lower trunk can be overwhelmed. Breathing helps stimulate lymph to move up the thoracic duct/through the lymph pathways to drain back into the vascular circulation.

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