Hi everyone well I eventually got a doctors appointment, had taken photos, measurements the whole thing with me. I told him about itchiness, soreness etc he said (like alot off you) that I should've gone to a&e or at least doctor on call. He is chasing up my referral he referred me himself in August. I told him how I feel like not being taken seriously & why one reason I didn't seek out of hours appointment is bc I don't yet have definite diagnosis. He said has saw more than enough evidence to say that I have lymphedema, is going to chase up appointment & will ring me when finds out more. I'm just hoping he does follow up on it, it's hard in surgery to see the same doctor. Sorry post so long xxx

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  • Hi Lynn-byn, that's it you get them told it's the only way you get anywhere, hope you get app and get sorted soon. 😉

  • Thanks Beve-1966 I hope so too. I rang them a good while ago when I went to local hospital & nurse said it was lymphedema, because off her I joined this group as I'd never heard off it before. How ru keeping hun? Xxx

  • Isn't it a shame when you have to look after yourself and suggest this that and the other to your Doctor. I had to phone mine ( even though a letter from the Consultant who diagnosed Lymphedema and he suggested I attend a clinic that would help me ) to get a referral. He said I didn't know that you wanted to go to it. He didn't bother to ask me. I have got one for the 13th Feb fingers crossed.

  • Wait until you get to fight insurance too because they will not approve your treatments and garment needs. That's what I've found out the hard way here in the US.

  • That's alot of use sage7 why is this? Keep fighting bound to be some way around it, takecare x

  • Fortunately in the UK and being retired I don't pay for any of the treatment.

  • I'm glad you've an appointment Barny it won't be long, in saying that when waiting for something important time seems to crawl. The wee nurse at my local hospital diagnosed me, I'd went there as pain was so bad & burning, had it before then but hadn't been sore, I already use crutches. It's so hard in my gp surgery to see the same doctor. That's a disgrace they never asked you, who are they to assume you didn't want an appointment. I hope you get your answers,, take it handy x

  • If you are in UK it appears that you have to have surgery nurse treat your legs with creams and bandage before allowed to apply for leg clinic (6 - 10 weeks). Terrible pain in my legs and couldn't sleep at night, just kept walking round and round. Marvellous at the leg clinic. I was dreading it but they washed my legs each time I went then triple bandaging. Within two weeks the swelling had gone. Compression stockings ordered (wear for the rest of your life during the day - take off at night). Still get itching but such a relief to get rid of the pain. Wish you well.

  • Thanks Penelope yeah I'm from Northern Ireland. When gp referred me in August I got hold off lymphedema Nurse who said their no waiting list, hopefully it won't be too long until I get an appointment. I'm glad to hear the compression stocking working well for you, I know I'll find them hard, this is already gotten me down. Takecare hun x

  • Best of luck. Makes such a difference to your life. Must remember not to overdo it though, still raise and rest your legs frequently.

  • Thanks, takecare x

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