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Lymphoedema Clothing

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Hello ladies, I have right arm lymphoedema following breast cancer treatment. I am considering making and selling made to measure tunic tops in cotton jersey. I am just putting out feelers to see if this is a service that people would like. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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You might be inundated !!

This topic has come up quite a lot over the past few years. If you use the Search option (third on bar at head of page) and put something like Clothes or Clothing as a search topic, several threads will come up.

Have you produced a range of tunics for your own use? There’s all sorts of things you may need to take into consideration.

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Thanks for replying. I am just putting together three designs at the moment for myself. Having struggled for many years with finding tops that accommodate the larger arm without having to go up 2 sizes on the whole garment, I can apply my needs to the design eg. natural fabrics, sleeve design to minimize appearance of larger arm, fabric colour and pattern together with tunic shaping to hide lumps and bumps!

If you wanted to do some market research, I would be able to offer you free space at the Thames Valley cancer Wellness Day on April 12th. It's being held in Oxfordshire. If any use contact me on

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Replied to your email!

Hi I would be really interested. I have been toying with the idea of resurrecting my old sewing machine again as I find clothes shopping with uneven arms so difficult. Having to go up a size or even two throws any style right out. Please let us know if you get up and running and how you are getting on.

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Know just what you mean! Will certainly keep you posted if I do get things off the ground! Thanks so much for your feedback. All the best

Can you make the tops with long sleeves? I find raglan sleeves work better

Hello, all the tops will have long sleeves to the wrist. I will do a sample with Raglan sleeves to test out. Thanks for your feedback

That would be good. Thanks.

Do you kow Anne-Cécile Ratsimbason, she has special colletions for lymphedema (and also for others)

Men get lmpheodema too , will you be doing mens clothing too?

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