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Lymphoedema and clothing

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Hi can anyone recommend loose style clothing for arm lymphoedema please. I wear a compression sleeve and would like to wear nice tops and I am not sure where to shop thanks.

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I don't mind people seeing my sleeve but about elegant top, you have to look around as there are no shops that deal specifically with our problem. I have a friend who bought herself a colourful sleeve that goes with the clothes she wears.

Since my lymphoedema I have been unable to wear long sleeves as one arm bigger than the other so just have to wear short sleeve withma cardigan or shawls !!

I have a choice of colours now for my sleeve ! But have been meaning to buy a tattoo sleeve which I have not got yet !

I appreciate your problem, but at the moment there is a strong fashion trend for loose tops and tunics, many with dolman sleeves that are likely to fit a swollen arm very easily.

Have a look at Join Clothes, a Greek manufacturer. There is a website, but it is not the easiest to navigate and I know nothing about delivery/returns etc.

But, the amazing QVC has Join clothes on line - and regular, very popular shows of Join fashions - in a wide range of beautiful colours, styles and sizes, modelled by women of different sizes and ages too. Join fabrics are particularly good for women with lymphoedema, because their gorgeous viscose/elastane mix is soft and comfortable to wear, with a very good stretch.

Many of their tops/dresses/tunics are 'One size fits all' - and if you go onto the QVC site and tap in 'Join clothes' you can not only access the various styles but you can also read the genuine reviews from happy purchasers!

There are 'Turkish' style harem trousers in stunning colours that drape so well they hide all kinds of leg/thigh problems - and because Viscose is a natural fabric, they are ideal to wear over our poly/elastane compression garments - both for arm and leg areas.

These garments are not cheap, because you are paying for a beautiful fabric, generously cut to flatter many body shapes.

QVC has a unbelievable, but genuine, 30 days return period, during which time you are told you can cut off the garment swing labels, wear the product, wash it to see how it fares with the machine/handwash programme etc. - and if you are not happy, you pay to return it before a specified date and will receive a refund for the item, but not for the outward p & p.

QVC was rated 2nd in 2013 or 14 for a reputable poll on customer service - second to John Lewis and better than M & S. You can really trust them in all aspects of purchase and customer service. Their phone centre is in Liverpool, so you would be talking to highly trained men and women in this country, and their phone calls are free!

I am a number one fan of QVC - and I don't have shares in the company!

The high street and popular catologues (all of whom tend to have on-line websites) are awash with swingy tunics and dresses in stretchy viscose/poly mixes, many with different styles of wide sleeves.

If all else fails, a good dressmaker could make a top with dolman sleeves for you - and if you choose a fabric that contains some elastane in the fabric, you will have that stretch.

There is a market out there for men and women with lymphoedema who cannot find suitable clothing that is both stylish and comfortable. It is a shame that no manufacturer wants to get involved in such a niche market!

I wish you luck in your search, and if I can help in any way, just reply to this posting if you need more information.

I do know how it can feel, because I have lymphoedema in both legs and it has been necessary to completely change the way I dress.

Don't despair. There are clothes out there that you will be pleased to wear.

Best wishes.

Legs Eleven

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Whilst QVC had a lot to offer it does charge hefty p and p for each item purchased & returned.

I rely on M & S long sleeved cotton tops as I cannot show my HUGE arm bare. I buy pretty sleeveless jackets from Mint Velvet & G Weber. Kimonos from East have been useful with sleeveless t shirts underneath.

Shops like Debenhams, J Lewis offer a personal shopper service which is discreet & helpful.

Good Luck with it. It really isn't easy but you'll find a way & create your own new personal style.

Thanks for this fantastic response Legs Eleven, like ameliapond I have arm lymphoedema and can manage in most sleeves if they are wide enough from shoulder to elbow, but it's always good to have other options!

Thank you Legs Eleven, I have difficulty with trousers, it has been wonderful the past couple of years as Palazzo styles have been in, but they appear to be out of fashion now so will look to see about these harem trousers and anything they have. :)

Hi, new to this site, but understand how you enjoy the wide leg trousers. Not sure whether the rules of the site allow us to mention companies selling wide leg and palazzo? I have arthritis and Lymphodema in both legs, consequently get very embarrassed going out? I didn't leave the house for nearly three years. Having decided I cannot live like that, now have an electric wheelchair, large trousers and have also moved to Bournemouth. Several depressing days - especially when my new surgery tells me there is No Lymphodema clinics/nurses in the area. I am determined to get the better of this largely unknown disease, but would love help and advice from any of you lovely people.

As for the trousers, once I know whether I can mention names, I would be happy to pass on names of companies still making them.

Good luck to all of you.😉

Hi. I have right arm Lymphodema and have just bought some lovely batwing tops from phase eight and mint velvet. Not cheap but very forgiving and comfortable for my bigger arm.

hiya, have you tried Wingz ( These were designed by a lady who has lipoedema. they go under your top and are just sleeves so you can wear them with lots of short sleeve dresses/tops. I have lots of pairs :)

Good topic! I intend to check out all the recommendations! I don't have the arm problem, just in the legs. I did have a reference to wide legged pants from somewhere. Its wide legged pants order from

oh look, this is an old line of conversation. hmm. well maybe someone else is reading like me.

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