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suitable Jobst stocking

Hi everyone. You are very kind and helping me very much.

I have made decision that buy Jobst stocking. But I don’t know which size is suitable for me. Can you help me to buy the suitable size for myself?

My Previous stocking was Sigvaris, 504, A-G, Long, Medium.

On the other hand it would be very great if you introduce me a doctor that I can contact him/her by email.

thank you very much.

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Hi valee - where are you based? It may be advisable to be measured by a professional therapist to make sure that you get an accurate fit, rather than buying a garment off the shelf.


i am in iran. doctors here saying to everyone that wear sigvaris, because only this stocking enter to my country.

but my freinds are in germany, america and other country and i want say that you buy for me jobst stocking.


Hi valee.

You probably know all this, however......

The Sigvaris 500 range is a circular knitted, latex stocking. Even though it is called a 504, it is a class 3. So be sure to get a class 3. If you need latex you need to get an Elvarex stocking - this will have a seam in it because it is flat knitted. There are many other circular knitted class 3 products available from all manufacturers and on prescription in the UK


I wear a small. I never saw that they had a length measurement. But if you use a medium, that is probably the size to get in Jobst. Be sure to get the special gloves. The jobst are a real challenge to put on. I've broken nails and put holes in the stockings. The gloves save your nails and the stockings. Personally, I found the Juzo to be just as effective and a lot easier to put on. I wear a 40 compression, by the way. Well I hope this is helpful. God bless!


thank you very much. ok. gloves for wearing jobst stocking. i dont forgot this.


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