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Pneumatic machine


Hi has anyone have any experience of

these machines and if they do any good . I am due to have this done before my intensive bandaging in July I have this in both legs and my mobility is getting worse . Only diagnosed 18 months ago though I have had this swelling for at least 40yrs . Was referred by my dermotoligist doctor just kept giving me water tablets . They have tried a few treatments but no significant reduction in size of legs

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IPC (intermittent pneumatic compression) is used in many clinics in combination with bandaging. Many people find it useful, some don’t. It is worth persevering as you may be one of the ones who finds benefit!

A number of people on this site have experience with pneumatic compression so you should get some useful responses. Good luck x

Hi, just to say I've been using a pump with a compression attachment like a trouser suit which applies pressure from my chest to my toes as I have lymphodeema from the waist down. You need mld before & after using it & it doesn't feel wonderful, probably because the suit covers so much of me... but it works & removes lots of excess fluid.... wouldnt be without it... best of luck... Meg

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