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Cellulitis and ulcerative toe

Cellulitis and ulcerative toe

I was diagnosed with cellulitis for the first time on Wednesday when I attended a lymphoedema clinic another first. Three years ago I was measured for some compression bandages and duly received them and that was that for three years, until I joined this site and found that I should have been going to a lymphoedema clinic.

When I went with my bandages on, I knew that my legs were red and sore but I had been doing a room move the day before and thought it was my osteoarthritis telling me that I had done to much.

The nurses said that it was almost certainly started by the treatment of my ulcerative toe which is being treated at the podiatry clinic. The podiatry clinic before this had said that it was going to take a long time to treat.

I am on a 12 day course of antibiotics and I have have had fluid leaking which has stopped but I still have blisters of fluid, some of which have burst others are getting bigger.

Do I leave them or pop them with a sterile blade

Do I go back to the podiatry clinic to continue my treatment considering I wasn't able to wear shoes until they started the treatment. But risking it triggers another bout of cellulitis.

Why does all my food taste horrible

As I have stopped leaking fluid should I start wearing my compression bandages in the next few days

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NOOOOOO DON’T BURST THE BLISTERS!!!!!! Please, don’t go back to the podiatry clinic until the infection has cleared up.


Thanks I promise I won't burst the blisters.I had a burn a few weeks ago and they burst the blisters because where they were. Podiatry clinic want to see me ASAP even though I told them I had cellulitis and it was probably triggered by the ulcerative toe. They said they would see me every day to redress the toe with iodine so that it wouldn't affect the cellulitis. But it has pus in it which is what they are draining and I thought that it would be another way for the bacteria to enter.


Hi Loramay,

Sorry to hear you have cellulitis, its a horrid thing to go through. Please leave you blisters, they will leak / pop when ready. I also personally would wear compression stocking until you feel you can tolerate them. If you feel it is getting worse, please go to a&e, as you may need iv antibiotics.

Hope you start to feel better soon.


Bless you i empathise, when I was diagnosed I had similar issues. Do not touch the blisters, Use your compression garments, it helps to take fluid away and prevent further pressure to the inflamed areas and antibiotics, I think your gp practice should have a nurse monitoring your areas that may need dressings on and it gives you more support, my legs were leaking and I had to go 3 times a week at that time to have them redressed. It did take time but did heal up. It frustrating I know but with the proper care should improve.


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