leaking leg and a ulcer

My GP is telling me as long as leg keeps leaking it wont heal. I am on antibitics and change dressing daily. Is there anything i can do to stop fluid leaking its clear and no smell? Been being treating it for 2yrs

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  • Do you have underlying primary or secondary lymphoedema? Are you being treated by a Lymphoedema nurse? Do you have daily bandaging, with ultra-absorbant dressings underneath? You say ulcer - is there a wound with blood in any exudate or is it lymphorrhea which seeps through the skin and is usually colourless? Are Inadine dressings being used?

  • Zipp36 I have over the years had ulcers on legs taking a long time to heal I always used to go to surgery nurses after struggling for years to dress them on one occasion I had a ulcer the size of a saucer that just would not heal the nurses applied pressure bandages which l thought at first would be a waste of time but after just a couple of weeks there was quite a difference it took a six to eight week period to heal and at times was a nightmare but worth it the last time I had pressure bandages was 2010 that time I had the whole leg bandage from top to toe

  • Any wound needs compression to heal, but this especially important where oedema is present, speak to your therapist again.

  • My leg took two years to finally clear. It leaked badly and smelled but my local GP's nurse persevered with it and it is so much better now. Have to be so careful because the slightest cut or graze can start it up again Good luck x

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