Leaking fluid

Leaking fluid

Morning gang, for the last month or so when I get out the shower I can feel warm fluid coming from my neather region and it last for about 15-20 mins and it runs down my legs, is this anything to do with Lymphoedema.

Can anyone give a little to my 20 year old nephew pictured above who used to race motorbikes had an accident last year and paralyzed him from the chest down and he is trying to raise £50,000 to get treatment and to lead a better life, to read his story and to donate go to just giving and search for LEWIS MELDRUM every little helps.

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  • Bev is the fluid clear? It could be lymphorrhea - it really should be checked by your clinic. Dry, highly absorbent dressings can be used to help keep it away from the skin. Some of my clients often use night time sanitary towels under their garments when they spring a leak!

    Get someone to set up a Crowd Funding page for your nephew, if there isn't one already.

  • It only happens when I get out the shower for 15-20 mins tgen stops. my nephew has set up a just giving page.

  • Can you get someone to help you find the source of the leak? Is the fluid clear?

  • Yes it is clear but it sort of feels like when you have a pee

  • Could it be pee? Have you mentioned this to a GP?

  • No I haven't like I say it only happens when I get out the shower

  • Hi lynora, I'm going to make docs app cos something doesn't look right x

  • I'm glad. Please make sure you ask for an urgent appointment, especially with your medical history.

  • I will try and get one this week, fingers crossed x

  • Hi, I have an app at 4 to Moro x

  • Morning, I went to docs yesterday and what I thought didn't look right is suppose to be there lol but it's a place I don't look at all the time so all ok.

  • I really think you should see your GP about this. Better to be safe than sorry. Hope you find out the reason x

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