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I have just had LVA at Oxford

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Hello everyone, its Julie I had my surgery yesterday, all I can say is so far so good, they were all so lovely including the lovely Kate nothing is ever any trouble for them, the surgeons Proffessor Furniss Mr Ramsden and Mr Gore were all lovely I felt in very good hands, my surgery was at 8.30 and by 1.30 I was back in the room, I did have a general as I was worried, I felt very sleepy after and slept all night at home in my own bed, that was heaven, I had melanoma on my leg previous to this and 1 lymph node removed it left me with lymphedema but only slightly, enough to not be able to go without my stocking otherwise my leg swelled considerably . I have 4 wounds and no pain, I am taking paracetamol that is all, and antibiotics. this has been a breeze in the park compared to my full thickness skin graft I had last year, I will keep you updated, I have not got my stocking on at the moment and dare I say my leg isn't swelling I know I am elevating it a lot but still I feel before surgery my leg would have swelled with only 20 minutes without my stocking.

21 Replies
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Wishing you a speedy recovery

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Can I ask how much it cost?

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It is £16500.

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Great that all went well.Keep following aftercare and hope you have a speedy recovery x

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Glad it went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Hi Julie, So pleased its all over and done with for you now. I had LVA surgery in Oxford 6 months ago for Lymphoedema in my R arm following breast surgery and was actually in outpatients seeing Mr Gore whilst you were in the operating theatre Tuesday morning! I agree, they are a lovely team of people. Sadly I haven't yet got the result I was hoping for, but there is still time. Everything sounds very promising for you, I wish you well and a speedy recovery.

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I have everything crossed for you, I would be so disappointed if it didn't work I do feel for you, lets hope yours will improve over time.

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Hi Julie,so pleased everything went well with your operation,now just follow all the advise they gave you and everything crossed for the results you want.....

As I said I am very pleased with my arm overall,just the top bit which was fatty tissue,but even that doesn't seem quite as bad,and I don't have the nightmare of tight sleeves like I did in the past....!!

Quick recovery so you can continue walking your lovely dog...take care....xx

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thank you so much, I am already really pleased with the results I haven't had my stocking on since Tuesday and not much swelling at all so fingers crossed, many thanks again for replying,

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Thanks for this info. I am hoping to move to Oxford, and although my Lymphoedema is controlled by MLD, I want to be under a good practice so if anything changes I don't have to convince a cost-conscious GP that my swelling is important! Have you any idea how much is the initial consultation please?

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It is £650 for the initial consultation. which includes the ICG investigation to see if you are suitable or not, they wont do it if your not,

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Thanks - gulp! Now at least I know what to save up for - in case! Will keep a beady eye out for your reports!

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Day 2 after my surgery and no pain at all again, this has truly been a breeze, I feel so happy I do believe it may have worked too, as I haven't had my stocking on since Tuesday it is Thursday now and although I'm not walking around much I still believe it would have swelled more if I had been standing even this short time with no stocking, I really was so worried about this procefure, but would want to put anybodys mind at ease, the surgeons all 3 Professor Furniss Mr Ramsden and Mr Gore are just so down to earth lovely guys, I had a wonderful anaesthetist, the poor man fell off his bike on his way to work the morning of my operation but still was wonderful even though I'm sure his hand was hurting. I feel so happy not to be wearing my awful stocking, which was my best friend but now really don't want to wear it again, fingers and toes crossed.

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Thank you for posting this super positive story that I am sure will help others who are considering the procedure. Wishing you a speedy pain free recovery xx

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Congratulations. Keep us updated as to your progress. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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Day 3, today i've not needed Paracetomal, and feeling really good, the swelling has stayed at bay too. well there isn't any swelling apart from inside my left ankle and its only slight. a good test is pushing your thumb into your skin and if there is a dent then there is fluid, I don't have any dent, my excellent Anaethetist was called Simon Rabbi. I really hope this is soon available on the NHS for people a lot worse off than I am with their lymphedema, it is amazing this can even be done and with great results, here's hoping to the future and lymphedema sufferers.

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Great news that all is going well. I've got a bug so having a flare up and feeling sorry for myself but this has cheered me up and can't wait to have mine done now! X

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This is heart warming and encouraging progress for you. Looking forward to reading further posts.

Do you know if private health care insurance covers this procedure?

And I do think it is outrageous that the NHS doesn't fund this type of surgery - when they provide surgery for cosmetic procedures and the controversial 'Gender Re-Assignment' surgery and subsequent medical care.

Lymphoedema is a potentially life-spoiling - and sometimes life-threatening condition - and yet the GPs are ill-informed and the NHS doesn't fund a procedure such as this, a procedure which could save the State more money in the long term results. Lymphoedema sufferers of working age might be able to return to work, and perhaps hospital admissions for lymphoedema complications would be reduced if this procedure was readily available on the NHS.

Thank you for taking the time to keep posting for us all out there!

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I agree with what you have said, its unfair, unfortunately our health insurance didn't cover this.

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Day 4, I am wondering if today the aenasethetic made me actually sick this morning or if it was the anti-biotics that I'm on. whatever it was it wasn't nice, although I did feel better afterwards, again no swelling maybe a bit, but I have now got my leg higher than my heart, my lovely best friend came to visit and told me off for not having it high enough. still feeling good and only one more day on the anti-biotics. I am getting bored now though teehee, I need to enjoy as my life is like a 100 miles an hour normally. much love xxx

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Hi Julie,My name is Anna am I am considering LVA at Oxford. Could you please tell me how your leg feels after 3 years?

I hope you are well and safe!

BW Anna

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