11 days post surgery

11 days post surgery

Just thought you might like another picture, I still cant believe the difference this has made to my leg, even without the stocking which I only put on Tuesday the swelling had gone down. it doesn't feel tight without a stocking and when I do the thumb test there is no dent. truly happy with the result. I have everything crossed this is available soon on the NHS but the more people that have it done Privately the more chance it has of being recognised.

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  • Who’s got sexy legs then, not keen on the nail varnish tho lol

  • Haha thank you, yes its a bit striking isn't it. I did them specially too lol, teehee. I cant tell you how nice it is to have my legs back to normal.

  • Mine aren’t too bad a bit swollen round ankles but caught it before it got to bad, Have a look at my post (my tan).

  • Ahh bless you ive just looked at your posts too, they are great, its so handy having this site, I love the stocking under the brolly teehee, you have great toes mine look like fingers heehee, I do hope this procedure comes available soon on the NHS everyone will be having it done the fact yours has been caught before it gets too bad is great news for you when it does come available, I'm sure it will be in the next couple of years, as Oxford have done loads more even since I went for my check up which was 2 months prior to my operation, they have also had a lot of enquiries in the last 5 days I wonder if that is because of my posts, I hope so the more we shout about it the more pressure NHS will feel to get this procedure on board xx

  • Hi ,those legs are amazing . I was diagnosed a few months ago and both legs and feet are huge. I can't get shoes on , only the ones supplied.Even my husband 's don't fit.My lymph glands in groin are blocked due to tumour (ovarian cancer), fluid can't escape !!!

    You've given us hope ,fingers crossed for us all going forward.lots of luck x

  • My thighs are the worst, I've had a few comments on my feet when I've been out on my mobility scooter as I only wear flip flops all year round, fingers crossed it does come available on NHS xx

  • Hi, what is this procedure that brings down swelling? My feet and lower legs are swelling already after inguinal lymph node removal in October.

  • LVA supermicrosurgery is a treatment for Lymphoedema that is effective at reducing symptoms for many (but not all) patients. It's not on the NHS but can be done privately for approx 17k at Oxford by Professor Furniss and Mr Ramsden


  • I'm hoping this treatment will be offered with people with primary lymphedema as well as those suffering from secondary lymphedema.

  • Sadly LVA Is not an option for most of us with Primary - I was assessed for the op by Professor Furniss and Mr Ramsden at Oxford in 2016 who informed me 90 percent of us with Primary are Inoperable, as most of us are missing lymph vessels that are essential for the op. Getting the LCG Lymphography scan was extremely informative - they undertake it to assess if someone is a candidate for LVA. I went up there thinking i would have the op and be symptom free, was devastated when told they couldn't help me. If I had Secondary they probably could have operated. It's worth looking into it though, you could be one of the lucky 10 percent of Primary who is operable. They are lovely surgeons who are committed to improving quality of life for as many lymphies as possible (as long as you can pay 17k!)

  • Unfortunately I can't pay that amount of money but one day in the future, who knows.

  • Oh wow what lovely elegant legs you have and i love yr painted toenails!

    Nice legs are what i dream of having as am quite slim everywhere else after dieting for a long long time! Lets hope it eventually comes under NHS treatment,fingers crossed. A medical professional told me the other day that the medics are NOT interested in lymph/ lipo patients as their problem isnt life threatening ( but what about it being life changing??????) AND there isnt any medication to prescribe (so they aren't keeping the drug companies happy by prescribing )

    I was quite shocked by this!! Even more shocked when she told me there is a course that doctors can take to clue themselves up but they dont bother..even tho it doesnt cost much to take it - £25 she said ( i thought i was hearing things!) only £25 !!!! So if its that cheap and they dont take it - they really arent interested in us as patients.

    From what ive read,the lymphatic system is one of the most important parts of the body,so its abput time the docs wised up XX

    ( walking away,tucking soapbox under my arm)😄😄😄

  • looks great...I see an ankle bone/ligament there making a proud appearance..It is so early on and yet your legs look pretty equal. Can hardly see a difference between the 2. You must be so pleased to think that soon your life will be back.....all the best x

  • Bless you thank you, it really is true about this condition not being life threatening but life changing, (someone wrote that on one of these posts) how true is this, I feel better in myself confidence wise, I'm excited for the future for others that suffer with this. xxx

  • Hello there, how are things going with your leg? Hopefully you are still seeing results. I had my op a couple of days ago and am excited to see the results. I’m really hoping to eventually get rid of the compression, just wondered if you had been able to go without for periods of time at least? X

  • Hi Angelil, oh wow you have had your operation, that's brilliant , how do you feel about your experience, I am hoping to get rid of the compression although I went without it for the evening on new years eve and by the end of the evening it was very swollen mainly round my ankle, but by the next morning it had gone down. its the only time ive been without it as was waiting till February when I have my check up. hope you finding yours has worked although its early days, were they quite positive when you had it done . good luck, xx

  • Morning. My legs are in good shape but I have been sat with my feet up for a few days now so it’s hard to say if that is due to the op or not! Recovery has been a lot easier than expected and even the op wasn’t too bad- more interesting to watch it all happening really!

    My swelling is mild and it’s quite early so my lymphatics are still good so I think they are expecting a good result and mentioned weaning me out of compression so fingers crossed. To be honest as long as it stops my condition from progressing it will be a win for me, however not having to wear compression would be amazing.

    Hopefully with time we will both see the results we want. Take care xxx

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