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Lymphatic drainage machine

does anyone know the difference between a 4 and 12 chamber for these machines. some companies sell them with only 4 chambers - others have 12.

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I’ve read that the more chambers the better it is. The more chambers there are the machine also tends to be more expensive. I have a four chamber leg therapy compression from Sissel.uk and it works for me. It’s also the best I could afford.


The more chambers is always better especially if it’s a pump for your legs Also look for a pump that includes drainage of your lower torso ie from belly botton down as your trunk needs to be cleared st the beginning and end of the programme


I have a flexible touch machine. A US made machine . It's great except getting into the thigh garment. It takes my partner to help me fasten it behind my leg/inner thigh. A design flaw I feel and I have expressed to the company.but the machine itself and the other leg garment are great. I have lymphedema in both my legs.


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