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Lymphatic drainage machines

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I am looking for a dedicted lymphatic drainage machine recommendation. There are many such machines on Amazon that claim to work as massage/press for this condition (leg for me) but they also mention other conditions, including weight loss and other problems and seem more like a cosmetic product. At c. £4-500 I am reluctant to try one out.

I believe that there are purpose built machines out there, recommended by the profession and which, I understand will cost a lot more.


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"lymphatic drainage machine"

Interesting. I was unaware that such things exist.

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Lynora in reply to cesces

Another term is “IPC” - intermittent pneumatic compression.Some NHS clinics use them, so patients can be monitored during use - and it is most definitely a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. A male client bought device a from eBay - previously owned (which should have given him a hint!). He did not read the badly translated instructions, wore it far longer than is advised, and caused a problem it took months for us to resolve.

There are a few brands on the market - one being LymphAssist from Huntleigh. A reputable company might be willing to let you try it on a ‘return’ basis.

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You must be referring to pneumatic compression pump which is designed to simulate MLD. However a machine is not nearly as effective as a qualified MLD practitioner, and using a cheap pump not made by a reputable manufacturer specialising in lymphoedema treatment could result in further damage to your lymphatics. A reputable pump that is less likely to damage your lymphatics further costs 2k plus. They have to be very carefully calibrated, as does the programme sequencing etc.

NHS clinics often have a compression pump for patients (eg Haddenham LymphFlow) and can advise you. Most of the time you’ll be able to try the clinic pump.

LymphaPress is a very reputable company/ pump and you may be able to pay for 1-2 week trial to help you make a decision. You should be able to find the UK dealer on the web.

Don’t rush into buying a pump and especially a cheap so-called lymphatic drainage machine off Amazon!

You may also want to consider Deep Oscillation Therapy (DOT) which promotes lymphatic drainage. It’s safer and more effective than a pump in my opinion (I have both modalities so speak from experience), you can find out more at

Many NHS clinics and lymph therapists use Deep Oscillation Therapy

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roysome in reply to CCT67

Thank you.

I have a decision to make.

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lovesradio in reply to roysome

By the sound of it you could probably pay for a good number of private MLD sessions for the cost of a good reputable compression pump!!

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Here in USA, Tactile Medical makes a Flexitouch Touch pump that many people seem to have good results (message boards, I have no financial interest in the company:-)). Not sure they are offered in the UK but you could read about them at their, just for info on offerings of equipment. I agree, stay away, if possible from pumps offered on eBay, Amazon, as they do not offer one on one, in person usage instructions. There are still pumps available that run the higher risk of pumping the fluid into other areas. You don’t want that to happen! Best of luck in your decision!

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Benita88 in reply to Pcure

Yes, that is the one I use and It really works when you do all the things you need to do like wrapping etc.

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I have a Deep Oscillation machine which I have used successfully for a few years. During lockdown last year I investigated the pumps fairly extensively. I was getting tired using the Oscillation therapy as I have 3 limbs affected by lymphoedema and my MLD practitioner obviously wasn't working. I have bought a Huntleigh LymphAssist machine and have an arm sleeve and a leg sleeve. It's amazing. Comfortable and easy to use, I actually find it quite relaxing, the swelling subsides and the skin keeps soft with mosturisation daily. I know I am doing all I can to help myself, and I feel the cost is worth it as I can have treatments every day if I wish. I would recommend you ring the company and have a chat. Good luck

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Perido in reply to Lymparmy

If it's OK to ask, do you have lymphoedema in your foot? If so, is the LymphAssist effective on your foot?

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Lymparmy in reply to Perido

Yes I have primary lymphoedema in both feet and lower legs up to the knee. Prior to using the pump I drain the lymph node areas in the groin, behind the knees and do the abdomen movements and deep breathing. I use the pump then empty the drainage places again afterwards. The main improvement is in my swollen feet and ankles. Of course it returns but using the pump is more beneficial for the moving of the lymph than any massage I can do myself. I want to remain as mobile as possible as I get older.

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I have a Physiopod and have been using it daily for about 8 weeks. It was expensive (£3k) but I think worth it. My arm was getting fibrosis, very heavy and solid. It is now smaller and much softer and more pliable.

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I have now been using my Physiopod for approx three months. My arm is definitely reducing in size, having reduced by 2cms in circumference.

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Just to point out that most machines have only one size sleeves but the LymphAssist has a choice of normal and shorter length. This was important to me as I am 5ft 2in tall and the one size sleeves were far too awkward and difficult to manage for me.

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I’ve had Physiopod & Lympha Press machines for several years now and find them very helpful. I have leg and genital Lymphoedema but use the full Lympha Press suit which gives an all over body massage (except the arms). The Physiopod machine is excellent for targeting specific areas. Well worth the money spent as I can manage my own condition. Getting MLD treatment privately is expensive and time consuming so if getting a lot of it you would soon go through a lot of money.

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Thanks I'm still in decision mode. That helps a lot.

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I have a fantastic machine by Tactile Medical that is called the FLEXITOUCH PLUS. you can call 612-355-5100

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