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Hello again.....

I have a question... about 3 1/2 weeks ago I had my first bout with cellulitis....... it's cleared up thank God but now my foot is peeling is that normal....... I don't mean to keep bothering you guys with all these questions I don't have a lymphedema therapist as of yet they're very scarce here in the states.... at least in the state of New Jersey...., but if someone can please let me know if it's normal for my foot to be peeling in the leg that I had the lymphedema in and then I had

to cellulitis in...,,,

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  • Yes, it's normal. Cellulitis is a skin infection, so it's the dead skin coming off. Keep the area clean, dry and apply a good quality perfume-free moisturiser. Have you found yet?

  • Oh ok thank u...... no I haven't been to lymphedemapeople .com ....but I'm going to check it out

  • Hi just wanted you to know my husband skin is always peeling he is constantly putting cream on it and it usually happens after a bout of cellulitis I think it's par for the course unfortunately

  • I used to find my skin peeled and flaked off after cellulitus but the last couple of times I've had cellulitis I did two things which I think helped to stop this. BTW I have lymphoedema in my leg, things may be slightly different it the lymphoedema is in your arm. Firstly when I have cellulitus I stay in bed with my leg elevated, thus helps minimise the swelling. When I have to get out of bed to go to the loo (the only valid reason to get out of bed), then I put some light compression on my leg before getting out of bed. Doing this helps reduce a rush of fluid into my leg which hurts like 'heck' and stretches the skin. I also moisturise the skin in my affected leg. I now strongly advocate use of light compression when subjecting limbs with cellulitus to the effects of gravity.

  • Very sensible. Stinging Nettle sensation on the legs as soon as you stand up ? or Fire Ants running up and down your veins stinging away? I had cellulitis in both lower legs, right worse than the left and eventually huge green sores on my legs. Had to wait three months before I could get accepted into the leg unit for treatment. They were marvellous. Within two weeks of washing, debriding and wraps the swelling was down and then I was measured for compression stockings. I never go without wearing them during the day. On first thing, off when I go to bed. You have to learn to be very sensible and to realise that you MUST rest your legs frequently. Wishing you all the best.

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