I have a small ulcer on leg .this means that stocking cannot be worn. Normal treatment is to wrap.but my nurse us treating my ulcer with daily washing and dressing change. Which I can do. After 6 weeks it is healed. With no extra swelling to the leg. I now need to be refitted with new stockings ,but cannot have them till Christmas. So do I wear the old pnes which are too big?

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  • Do you have wraps or bandages? If your original garments are too big, it would be pointless to use them. Who has said you cannot have replacement garments until Christmas? That is not the case. Where are you based?

  • No wraps etc just been using an absorbent pad and a net stocking to hold in place.it has worked really well. The wrapping when used caused leg to swell more and aways to be wet and a little bit smelly.whuch is not good when working . It ment that I have had no compression stocking over the summer.with no increase in swelling if anything my leg even with the ulcer has been less painful.have heard from clinic today who have said to make an appointment to see them when leg completely healed

  • You said the ulcer was healed - get that appointment asap. Do you have lymphoedema or venous oedema?

  • Lymphoedema.i hav been told by my doc to leave it at 3 weeks before getting new stockings. To make sure the skin is healed enough . I have had a short cause of antibiotics and ither then a daily derma wash and a good moisturiser .I have had only the pad and net

  • Don't wait to get measured - your lymphoedema clinic will be able to give you more advice, and there is often a delay before garments are supplied to patients. If you have had an ulcer before, they could measure you for garments that have a zip, which are easier to apply. Are you in the UK? Do you have lymphoedema in both legs? Is it primary or secondary?

  • Only in the left leg and nothing anywhere else. Going to clinic next week. Had a call from doc who wants to run some mote tests as the leg though swollen is nothing like it was in the spring before ulcer. Ckknuc nurse has said she would like the results first.have you noticed nothing is ever simple x

  • Hi Billy14. Who said you have to wait until Christmas your gp or nurse? Somtimes we have to be a little pushy to get what we need. My gp told me years ago I could have 4 pairs of tights per year..... My answer was ridiculous I go through them on the bottom of the heels in about 2 months because I exercise as per instructions. I get 4 pairs every 6 months and over the year buy another 4/6 pairs. For me it's worth going without something to buy the tights privately. If you need them they must help. Best of luck.

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