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Secondary Lymphodema

Secondary Lymphodema

Hi, I'm new here live in New Zealand (ex pom). Had surgery for bowel cancer twice 32 years ago. I am now 76. He removed abdominal lymph nodes during second op. to look at them! All clear. Was never told about getting secondary lymphodema through this.

After few years I couldn't keep weight off, my legs got fatter etc. By the time I was through menopause my ankles/feet would be swollen every night. I sometimes went to acupuncturist for BP who gently suggested one day I might benefit from a lymph massage. At this stage I still had not heard of lymphodema. It was amazing, the therapist worked with breast cancer patients at the hospital to help their arm swelling. You can learn this on YouTube. I lost a kg in first session. Then she left and fortunately I heard about the Sun Ancon Chi machine, that has been brilliant and I still use it twice every day for 15 minutes. Keeps the lymph moving. I do know that if you have floppy upper arms you can sit with it at a table sideways and rest your upper arm in it with forearm upright and apparantly the movement will get rid of underarm flab. Whether this would work for arm lymphodema I don't know but may be worth looking into. Many machines out there please be careful some are too fast or wrong speed. The sun ancon is the original. You can see my testimonial on their site. My BP last reading was 240/110, not unusual and has been up to 270/120 I cannot take meds. Often feel poor lymph system plays a roll here. I exercise, eat organic and love my life. With our lovely climate and love of the beach/sea wearing any kind of support stockings was a no go for me.

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Good to hear that you've benefitted from your machine, I have a Reviber and although I don't use it regularly (just when my legs and feet feel as if they're burning) I do know it works at reducing the discomfort. I have mild lymphodema and veinous insufficiency and I wear compression stockings. Normally I only have slight swelling in my lower legs and feet so I don't 'personally' know if these machines reduce swelling but I'm not at all surprised to hear that they do. I bought the Reviber several years ago after suffering recurrent bouts of sciatica and long before I was diagnosed with lymphodema or cancer and after reading your post I was interested in comparing the two machines. Pricewise it's an easy comparison to make - mine cost £145 when I bought it (they now cost £139.99), the sun ancon costs £400 + from the manufacturer and even more from Amazon. Comparing 'the way' they perform was also easy as they both make the same movement but to compare the speed at which the sun ancon operates I had to go to Utube as the video on the manufacturers site wouldnt play, it just said 'this video is private' when I clicked on it and no indication of operating speed is given. Having watched the Utube video I can see no difference in operating speeds between the two machines, however some of the testimonials for the sun ancon - (not yours) make claims that seem barely credible and these, if not the price - would put me off even thinking of buying one. The only claim I can make about mine is I haven't had sciatica in years and despite not using it on even a weekly basis - it does stop that burning sensation after a few short (7min) sessions, and it sort of 'loosens up' my limbs a little, as well. I've replied to your post because like you - I've found this 'type' of exercise machine to be beneficial and I wouldn't want anyone to be put off giving them a try due cost or scepticism over any claims made for them.

One advantage that the sun ancon machine has over the Reviber 'that's obvious to me' is the length of the cable that attaches the control pad to the machine - this may have changed on newer machines but on mine, it could do with being about 12" - 18" longer. To me it's more of an inconvenience than a problem though it might be a problem for someone with restricted movement.


I have tested Reviber or such machine at my gym! I have pretty severe swelling, can't go anywhere without stockings but I do think these machines help some. Now I am only going to the pool which is the best, but I plan to go back to gym eventually and take some lymphedema friendly parts at the end of the workout. I think the vibe machine would be great for the end of workout, if I have been spending time on my feet during workout thus swelling.

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