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Hi everyone, new to this! Can anyone give me consultants names/hospital or any details of clinics etc. I live in the London borough of Redbridge - anywhere the greater london area. I have "Bilateral Lymphoedema" in both legs (along with various other problems and a lot of meds). My GP has requested an urgent appointment at the Lymphoedema Clinic at the Mile End Hospital but they say it will be 3 months before I can get an appointment. Thank you for you help ...

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  • 3 months is standard for NHS clinics. If you wanted to try and fast track and go private, you could try the Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon - Professor Mortimer is there once a week. It's a BMI hospital - google Parkside Hospital to find the number.

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  • I have been treated at Guys Hospital, where their Nurse Esther is excellent, and Charing Cross Hospital, where one of the doctors astounded me by knowing about treatment in Italy, and recommending

    But I suspect you will have to wait just as long. We need to all shout louder for better services.

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  • The best clinic is St. George's and Proff Mortimer's clinic in dermatology. There is usually a waiting list but with a referral I am sure hey can help. If you call the team is always brilliant! Best of luck!

  • You need a Consultant to refer you to St George's now as they are so overwhelmed by Patients.

    I think the exception to that is LB of Wandsworth.

    I did as Lynora suggested and paid for a couple of appointments with the Proff at Parkside but eventually because my swelling is HUGE Proff wrote to my Oncologist and asked him to refer me to his NHS clinic.

    He is winding down these days so I mostly see Dr Gordon who picked up the baton for me to have liposuction but I have given up hope of that now because my CCG won't fund it.

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  • There is a lympheodema clinic in mile end hospital.called accelerate.

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