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London lymphie NHS clinics

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hi there,

I have leg lymphoedema from Cx treatment and wear compression 24/7. I’m looking to move to London from New Zealand and wondered if anyone knew what the ‘good’ catchment areas are for access to lymphoedema clinic eg via St George’s hospital (or any others)?

I’m hoping to have more support than just a GP writing a repeat script, but within the NHS system eg not private. Any info greatly appreciated 🙏

11 Replies
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Hello, Accelerate CIC are based at st Joseph’s hospice in Hackney. They accept patients from all over London via GP referral, They are an independent organisation affiliated to lots of health trusts.

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Kiwidownunder in reply to onelegbigger

thank you, so does that mean any costs are covered by NHS or is the funded by the trusts?

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AnneBury in reply to Kiwidownunder

Costs are covered by the NHS. Hospitals, trusts, GPs all get their funding from the NHS (unless you go private). My understanding is that you have to be referred for any NHS treatment by your General Practitioner (GP). That can be a bit of lottery. A bit different but I was referred to Accelerate for specialist lymphoedema podiatry for assessment for insoles. My GP referred me and it was paid by the NHS. However, that wasn't ongoing treatment - just two sessions. I do go for regular podiatry, locally, but pay for it myself.

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There is a lymphoedema place in Mile End (near Stepney Green more precisely) you can get referred from anywhere in London if there is no local lymphoedema specialist in your area.

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Kiwidownunder in reply to SamLymphie

thank you so much.

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AnneBury in reply to SamLymphie

I believe that is/was Accelerate (mentioned in first answer). It has moved from the site close to Mile End tube station

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Hi kiwidownunder,That sounds a bit drastic to up sticks and come to our country! Surely your own health service can help you with some sort of treatments? Personally I'd stay put and pressure your own HP/health authority, as there's no guarantee that you will get any free treatment here. In my area I've been trying to get proper treatment for 12 years, but it's like gold dust here. Other areas have more empathy if you know where to find them on the NHS, (assuming you can afford to travel) but there's more chance of getting private treatment. I presume private treatment is available for you in New Zealand as well? That'd be my route.

Good luck anyway.

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hi, the clinic at St George’s is open to lots of postcodes so you should be good wherever you choose to live in London, it also has patients that live outside London. The staff are excellent and you should be able to get a referral for their expert help via your GP. Good luck with the move.

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Kiwidownunder in reply to Squinny

thank you so much 🙏

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I believe the Lymphoedema Clinic at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton has a large catchment area - for post cancer treatment patients.

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Kiwidownunder in reply to Perido

thank you 🙏

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