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There are still nocancellati8ns before 26th May for first appt. I have sent for tubular bandage which my daughter is going to put on for me.do we pull it tight on my legs, also shall i wear them in bed ? Thankyou

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  • What is the name of the 'tubular bandage' you have sent away for??? There are many compression products on the market, but some can cause huge problems if used inappropriately.

  • If you can't be seen by the Lymphoedema clinic (did you tell them you have recently had cellulitis?) ask to be seen by your GP Practice Nurse, or the District Nurse - they usually have experience of compression and may be able to provide you with something or give advice about what you could try. A pharmacist may also have some ideas.

  • I willgive the name on Saturday when irecive them because I cannot remember at the moment. I have been wearing nocompression so iamworried because i got to go on another important hospital appointment tomorrow and my legs will have no support. My practise nurse does not work today at the surgery. Thankyoufor your help

  • I have sent you a PM - check the little 'bell' icon at the top of the page.

  • You won't be able to pull it tight, it is not a rolled up bandage, but a 2way stretchy tube. You should just have a size that fits comfortably on your leg and wear a double layer. It is not compression, but will protect your skin, keep in the cream and give a little support to your tissues. The sizes are usually described by the colour of the line running through the bandage. For legs you would need 'yellow line' generally which is 10.75 cm wide. Common names are Tubifast, Actifast, Comfifast

  • Thank you so much x

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