Dandelion root tea

Ive just bought some dandelion tea in the hopes it will act as a diuretic and reduce the swelling in ankles and front of knees ...i' m pretty sure after reading up on here that i probably have lipoedema,but i' m wondering if anyone has noticed any improvement from taking dandelion tea or any other diuetic herbal drink/ capsule.

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Diuretics in any form have little or no effect on Lymphoedema or Lipoedema. Prescribed diuretics can exacerbate Lymphoedema.


Thanks Lynora. I tried some herbal tablets and got no result. Was just hoping dandelion root tea might help 😕


As the others have said, no to diuretics /water pills/diuretic teas - can do a lot of damage to your Lymphatics particularly prescribed diuretics. Oedema from Lymphatic impairment is not water retention. Lymphatic fluid which called Lymph has some water in it but it is mainly comprised of waste proteins. Diuretics are harmful for a broken Lymphatic system in fact drinking more pure water will have a better effect than drinking less water

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