Comfy wooly socks

Hi All,

I have primary Lymphodeama which affects both legs and my left arm. I am having great difficulty in finding any socks that will fit me without constricting my legs. I wear compression garments daily and would really like to find some comfy wooly socks to relax in at the end of the day, does anyone know where I can possibly get any ?

I have been to most outoor shops but even their biggest dont fit.

I look forward to any feedback.

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  • M&S do 'soft tops'.

    Comfy Feet Shoes have a selection on their website.

    Failing that - take up knitting!

  • If you put 'diabetic oedema socks' into search on ebay you will see quite an assortment. I found mine there

  • I shopped on amazon, for soft top socks, got some lovely ones, that don't constrict, sock shop is very good, hope this helps.x

  • Hi

    They need to be all wool for the miracle

    effects of wool fibres to help the circulation. I wish I could find some -,perhaps just a small proportion of

    elastine. Does anyone know a source of

    all wool?

  • Have tried alpaca wool socks? Look on the internet for a supplier. They are supposed to be warmer than sheeps wool and they have anti-bacterial qualities.

  • Comfs

  • sorry....comfyfeet

  • Not woolly, but soft, warm cotton. Knee high, very stretchy but gentle grip. Very comfortable and worn constantly by my partner who is also Type 1 diabetic. Gets them from Able2 Wear.

  • Hi All, thank you for your replies much appreciated :-)

  • Cosyfeet supply extra comfy socks and I find them great! Also their bed socks in extra width are lovely. Hope this helps

  • I use these too but they still mark slightly despite cf claims not to

  • have you tried Primark they have loads they have ankle knee high and over the knee I have great ankle ones I also gave my mother some for the hospital

  • Cosyfeet are good, expensive though. Big Bloomers do knee-highs

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