SAPL surgery done.

Hello to all. My surgery was done 2 days ago on my legs. Ubelievable how small it is. While it hurts, it's not so bad. Doctor sat he got 9 litters out of my leg. No wonder I had no energy with all that gunk and weight no on to recovery.

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  • So glad you're ok! Keep me updated on how you are! Xx

  • I will.

  • I wish you a speedy recovery x

  • You must feel so much better with all that removed. Hope things continue to improve xx

  • Where did you have this done? 9 litres is life changing! Amazing!

  • Manhattan Beach CA. I do feel lighter. Still sore but definitely improving.

  • Wow. What kind of surgery was it? and where did you have it done? Wishing you a recovery

  • (SAPL = Suction Assisted Protein Lipectomy)

  • So pleased you are doing well and hope you continue to do so. 9 litres - wow! Take care, and keep us informed. Best of luck!

  • So pleased for you darling, keep us updated!

  • I will definitely keep everyone posted as we need to share this info to help others make informed decisions

  • Bravo ! Such a big decision to make and I'm very pleased for you.

    Wishing you a gentle recovery.

  • Amazing news. Well done. Now you need to look after yourself in your recovery. Hope the pain is not too bad. Good thoughts coming your way and love for your recovery.

  • Pain isn't to bad. At least better than expected. Can to in recovery and started crying when I saw my leg. Tears of joy.

  • Ahhh hun so happy for you 😀💜

  • Amazing. I am so happy you are filling better. I think we all would react the same. 😊

    Can you tell me how much the surgery costs?

  • The cost of the surgery for Hospital stay for 2 days, anesthesia, the surgeon was approximately $40,000 us dollars. This does not include where you will stay when you are recovering or your custom fit support garment.

  • Greats news that the op went well and you are recovering x

  • So glad your op went well,amazing result you must be feeling so elated ,keep us posted as you recover. my op scheduled for the 27 march feeling encouraged by your post.wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • My husband and daughter are amazed at how small my leg is. I can see my knee cap now even though the leg is still swollen. I also have an amazing team of doctor. Nurse and therapist ect...I don't feel like I'm left out on my own to heal. Very happy. I will definitely keep everyone posted.

  • @Lindabell98 I know your surgery date is approaching and I just wanted to say best of luck to you. It is so worth it. Please let me know how you are doing. Xx

  • Thank you I will keep in touch with my progress

  • I'm glad your on the road to recovery, keep us updated x

  • What fantastic news. Wishing you well and a speedy recovery. Was it one leg 0r Two?. Take care Ginsing

  • One leg right now. Will do the other in about 9 months to a year. It isn't as big as the one they just did.

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