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Hi everyone

I have just signed up after reading some of your posts. I have primary in both my legs and although my gp was aware of my condition I only got a formal diagnosis a year ago even though I have been attending the lymphoedema clinic at the hospital for a few years now. Thankfully I have been able to keep the swelling under control since then by wearing my compression stockings and loosing 5 and 1/2 stone of blubber. I also haven't had to suffer any bouts of cellulitis YET! I too believe I have a low immune system as I often get sore throats, flu type bugs and colds (had the flu jab). I have a problem with my eyes at the moment.

Does anyone know if we can boost our immune system by diet or supplements or combine with the massage to improve the lymphatic?

Many thanks in advance

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Someone told me airborne that is bought over the counter for colds is alooking good for boosting the immune system and increasing energy. So I kept taking it after my cold went away. It does help with the energy and I haven't had anymore colds this season. I definitely say the energy part is true.




Just have to say ''congratulations'' on loosing the weight! That must make you feel so much better. I am very envious and wish I could loose the excess I am carrying around! I had been battling arthritis for so many years before the lymphoedema struck, that weight had gone up and up. Any tips for me on how you did it?

As for the immune system, I take several ''boosters''.

Have taken Calcium and Vit D for years now, also have an effervescent drink every day, also with Vit C, with added Zinc. Always been a believer in Vitamin C helping with colds and throats also, even though there are contrary reports. That's about it, apart from using Antiseptic Tea Tree cream on my feet after bathing. My feet [ and ankles ] seem most vulnerable to blisters etc that are a prelude to Cellulitis - something I dread getting again. The Tea Tree cream is great anywhere - especially grandchildren's cuts and scrapes!

Gook luck with the eyes.


Hi sammyvan

Thank you for the info on supplements. I lost the weight by joining my local slimming world group and it was the best thing I did. A gp once told me years ago that I would always have big legs and that nothing could be done. I kind of wanted to try and prove him wrong once more research and information began to emerge about the condition some years later. I agree with him in the fact that yes my legs will always be a more robust shape and size shall we say. As the weight came off so the measurements reduced in my legs. My left leg is bigger than my right which I hadn't noticed before and the nurse taking my measurements was really impressed with the results. So for me slimming world has helped me no end. What do you think?


Sounds good. Do they dish out a healthy serving of 'willpower' with the diet sheet!!? That has always been my failing - great intentions but a very sweet tooth.

I find that being cooped up indoors, not being able to move much and just general depression tend to make food my crutch? Some days I almost feel that I could deal with the lymphoedema if I did not have crippling arthritis to contend with. I will have a look at Slimming World and let you know what the outcome is. Thanks for the info.


Congratulations on weight what an achievement 😀 well done


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