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Flu and covid vaccine

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I have lymphodaema in my right arm. Can I have both the flu and covid vaccine in my left arm at the same time? I thought they could give one in my buttock but have been told they might not be able to do that for some reason.

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Might be worth contacting your GP to ask. Several of my clients have had the COVID booster in their unaffected arm, and flu vaccine in the glutes, during the same appointment - but within the GP practice, and not at a vaccine centre.

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Clyde12 in reply to Lynora

Thank you for your reply. I will write on here when I know where they will inject me.

Perhaps not answering your question directly. My lymphodema is in my left leg and started as a teenager, kept under control with heavy compression garments and I am now 74. Only ever had one flu jab in my life and that was as a teenager. It was also the only time I ever had flu. Do your research on these jabs but from all I have learnt will not let it into my body as we have wonderful immune systems when our bodies are given the right nutrients.

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Snobie in reply to bigleg

Same here

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linda5151 in reply to bigleg

Hi big get my flu Injection every year with no complications my big leg is .my right one .It is definitely worth having

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bigleg in reply to linda5151

Am sorry Linda, we will have to agree to differ on the benefit or other of putting unknown ingredients artificially into our bodies. I have never had flu since that jab as a teenager.

Thank you for your reply. Having had flu twice in my life (many many moons ago), I’m not keen to get it again.

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Gallgou in reply to Clyde12

Hi Clyde, I had both Covid and flu vaccine in unaffected arm on same day. Approx 4cm apart . Only reason I think there would be an issue for the thigh is a privacy one in a mass vaccine centre. But if you'd prefer the thigh, and you ask, I'm sure the practitioner would find a side room to administer it .

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Clyde12 in reply to Gallgou

Thank you for your reply.

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Lymparmy in reply to Clyde12

Hi. I also have lymphoedema in my right arm, and also my lower legs and feet. I have had flu 3 times in my life and was very unwell with chest complications. I have a flu jab every autumn but as I thought I might have to have both Covid and flu jabs together in one arm, I booked my flu jab at the local Tesco Pharmacy and had it yesterday. I am very glad I did as today I have had headaches, hot face and fatigue. Improving now but pleased it's done as I might have Covid jab reactions again.

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Clyde12 in reply to Lymparmy

Thank you for your reply. I have appointment for vaccines tomorrow and will take advice from the nurse and let everyone know what happens! After my first covid vaccine, I had a lot more atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rate) than normal and was really tired for a few days. Only tired after second covid vaccination.

I had both the flu and the covid booster vaccines today. One in my arm and one (the flu one I think) in my thigh. No problems. ……so far!

you have many places in you body where a vaccination can be done. Essentially it is done into a muscle. The deltoid is a safe and easy to access muscle which is why it is commonly used. The buttock (gluteus Maximus) or thigh (vastus lateralis) are also totally acceptable. I've just had my 3rd covid dose and flu at the same time with no problems. Hope all goes well.

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