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Update and thank you.

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Just wanted to say thank you to all that replied to me.

Saw the surgeon last week and he's referred me top a lymphatic nurse.

He ha also said I need the nodes removed to eliminate the c . As biopsies have shown nothing.

I am in a lot of pain with my arm and also now on the back of my neck has been really hurting I'm worried it's my lymph nodes there too.


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Sorry you are in so much pain. Try doing light stretching and massaging of your arms and neck. Keep on keeping on and never give up. Best of luck to you.


See the lymph nurse before further surgery. Let the nurse show you how to do self lymphatic drainage.

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Feeney in reply to Lynora

The consultatant told me that I can't get in with the nurse until after the surgery as she's booked up

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Feeney in reply to Lynora

Hi lynora.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to reply to me. I have taken your advice and tracked down the lymphatic nurse that my surgeon said I would see after the op and I'm hoping to go see her next Tuesday.

Just sending big hugs x

f they are swollen, they are swollen for a reason. Looking into inflammation/infection/autoimmune etc is the key not removing the filters!

Once you remove them, you could be in for a life of lymphedema! Has he ruled out all other causes? mayoclinic.org/diseases-con...

Please, many of us are here because we had our lymph nodes removed, some, completely unnecessarily as having chemotherapy first, usually, kills the cancer and anyway, once cancer is invasive ( or in the lymph nodes for that matter ), that means it can be anywhere and removing a number of them, will not make much difference to survival!

Keep your lymph nodes and try to find the reason they are enlarged... Many surgeons/consultants are simply lazy or learned to do one thing... The body works as a very complicated, delicate machine, you cannot just take random parts! Or filters, even if they are blocked, you clean them!

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Feeney in reply to Athinakay

Thank you athinakay. Would you know where I go to find it who I caneed talk to before the surgery?

My GPS are not good at all. They have rang me today and prescribed Co codamal for the pain. I will try these from tonight. I work full time and am struggling to cope with work and the pain.

I've had biopsies and mammograms. Nothing has been found and nowe I've got lymphedeama in my armpit and my arm.

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Don't be sucked into mammograms they are very invasive and a great cause of cancer developing

Have you spoken to the Lymphoedema Support Network? lymphoedema.org. They have a website with lots of information and details of their telephone number.

Where do you live? Please get in touch with lymphoedema.org/ before any surgery... Not sure what else I can recommend...

PLEASE make contact with TTAC Removing the lymph nodes is the very last thing you should be doing and their removal will be a disaster for you....I should know nothing good will come of it - quite the reverse/

. Your surgeon appears to be knife happy without even the most basic knowlege of the lymphatic system and let me tell you there are plemty of such.cowboys. You are lucky you have your lymph nodes,KEEP them! one of mine was removed without my permission and without any prior discussion.KEEP them!

I'm glad you're going to see a Lymphoedema nurse. Hope she can be of help. Just think that many, many years ago, children used to have their adenoids and tonsils removed, and nowadays, nobody is in the rush to have this kind of operation done as research has shown how important these glands are to stop certain infections. The same with the nodes your surgeon is keen in removing. All of us, who suffer from lymphoedema, have had some or all the nodes in certain areas removed, so if you don't have cancer, then to go and remove them just because they're inflamed, doesn't make any sense to me. Look this surgeon up and see if he's publishing articles about the surgeries he has performed. Just a thought.

Where do you live. There are other treatments you could try way before surgery.

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