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VAT Exemption

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I buy my shoes online but have read on other posts about being able to tick the vat exemption box, but this may sound a silly question but how do we become or what proof do we need to apply for this.

Thanks in advance for any replies x

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Hi jwgc this is something that I too am looking for the answer.

I have purchased a shower stool online and bought a mobility scooter in a shop.I have also purchased other items from catalogues and I have either ticked the box for vat free or confirmed verbally as in the shop and it's been ok.I have never been asked for proof which I have always thought is odd.

But recently I wanted to order some shoes over the Internet - these were post operative shoes which are adaptable enough to go around bandages etc but the website was down so I phoned my order through to customer services.When it got to the paying part I said I didn't want to pay the vat as I am disabled and she asked me to provide a certificate. I said I had never been asked for one previously so I had to pay the vat.She didn't know where I should get this certificate from.

I must say I haven't pursued this yet as I have not had any cause to purchase anything at the moment so I am going to try and find out more about it.

So whether it just depends on the policy of individual companies or whether rules have changed I don't know.

Good luck in your search for the answer.

Take care.



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The company should be able to provide you with a certificate to fill in. This is what the compression companies do if they need proof.

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Thank you white sugar.



I have never been asked for proof by DB Wider Fit shoes or Cosyfeet.

I suppose it is up to the tax authorities check these things out.

There is no untruth involved as lymphoedema is categorised as a chronic illness and therefore you qualify for VAT relief.

A certificate can be easily obtained from any appropriate medic if needed.

As I understand it a Doctor's note is required for vat exemption on these types of goods.

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Thank you.



Thanks to youall for taking the time to answer :+). x

On the government website there is a list of disabilities that are vat exempt. I'm in my 60's and have bought many things not paying the VAT. I know my medical diagnosises and fill in the disclaimers with which ever condition is appropriate to the item I'm buying, for instance cosy feet shoes, odema and electric bed arthritis. I've never had any problem with this. as whitesugar says the company you are buying from provide the certificate/disclaimer for you to fill in. Once your registered with them you shouldn't need to fill in again but you do every time it's a different company (hope that makes sense) to date I've never been questioned or had anyone check but I know I'm not being dishonest as they could always write for my medical records, if they wanted to.

Sorry this is a bit long winded πŸ˜€ But hope it helps. (I've also filled in forms for my sister and mother)

Hi jwgc

Please find attached a suggested template of a VAT exempt relief certificate.

If you have an official diagnosis of lymhoedema independent of or as a result of breast cancer treatment you are not usually asked for any proof when you tick the box on a paper or on-line form. I am surprised at Crusee being asked for a cerificate, but I think you can apply for what I think is called a Medical Exemption Certificate from your GP

I have got vat exemption you just tick the box by what you have wrong with you

You don't have to be registered disabled, the chronic nature of the condition is the qualification. See page 4 of:

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