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Let us keep each other updated with whatever we know, or use to help each other PLEASE!

I have been using mobiderm bandages under my bandages. Most therapists would not show me how to bandage my arms. We found one who showed my husband how to bandage. We try to do so every night.

Mobiderm has made a huge difference.

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Good for you self-managing your lymphoedema - you've obviously developed a good routine.

However, Mobiderm is not suitable for everyone - please get advice from clinical staff before using it.


Lynora - You are right. Mobiderm may not be suitable for everyone - I just felt I wanted people to know about it. My therapist had not heard of it.


Hi Lynora what is Mobiderm and could I/should I use it with a Compression sleeve?


No - Mobiderm is used under bandages. You could "Google" Mobiderm and read up about it.


well done for self management. I mostly self mange my condition, I wear Lymph grade stockings to both legs and an under liner to make application easier, When i get a flare up i put my compression bandages back on or should i say my husband does, Used to be a nurse so i made sure he was involved and could help, saves all the visits to the surgery and i had to go 3 times a week at first. apart from that i feel a bit isolated and coping on my own, but that isnt an unfamiliar history.


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