New on forum. Help with cellulitis!

Hi, I am new here. I have lymphoedema for over 12 years. I experienced few attack of cellulitis. I use pneumatic massage at home. I am 36. I am looking for information how to reduce cellulitis attacksin other way then taking oral antibiotisc. I used to have injections called Benzylpenicillinum benzathinum and for me it worked brilliant. When I moved into UK my doctor said he can not provide me with injections. I am wonder how for you prophylaxis works. Thank you for answers x

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  • You can find the Cellulitis Management document used in the UK here -

  • The Lymphoedema Support Network has information on cellulitis (website and telephone help line).

  • Do look on the Lymphoedema Support Network for the guidelines for management of cellulitis in lymphoedema. Print it off and give your GP a copy, and take a copy with you wherever you travel - that's what I do! It advises the use of oral antibiotics to prevent recurrent antibiotics and how to treat cellulitis and gives advice about which antibiotics to use for actual episodes of cellulitis. All the best!

  • I only know that since starting to take low dose antibiotic tablets, I have not had a bout of cellulitis. I always have stronger antibiotics available at home and take them away on holiday with me just in case. As others have said, check with LSN. Hope you can get sorted x

  • Thank you all for reply. Actually I am familiar with oral treatment of cellulitis in the UK. I am on long term penicillin VK 250mg twice a day, but this unfortunatelly is not enough to prevent cellulitis. I used to have intramuscular injection in other country and I would like to receive it also in UK. I take pencilin VK from 4 years. I started with low dose 250mg once a day until I had cellulitis two years ago. GFrom this time I am on two tablets and I just had cellulitis last week. Im now taking Flucloxacillin. Conclusion is that maybe bacteria is resistant. Do you know anyone with lymphoedema who has pencillin injections?

  • You are so right. I was also on the 250mg and still got cellulitis. Now I don't take any injections or pills and feel so much better. It's all thanks to treatments from Physio touch/ lympha touch.

  • Hi Marjo , where do you have Lymphedema ? I have been getting cellultis around four times a year over the last ten years. I actually almost died from from it four years ago 😞 I have tried so many things with not a great turn out. This year I tried treatments with a product called physio touch and also know as lympha touch. I am doing amazing now. This machine is amazing. The results are instant. You should look into it.

  • Thank you Lisa. I just googled physio touch. I didnt know about this treatment. I have lymphoedema in left leg - whole leg and foot with toes. The swelling is not too bed therefore I dont understand why I still develop cellulitis. I call for help because I see the pencillin VK even in higher dose is not effective! I have a pump and I do pneumatic massage almost every day on 70mmHg pressure now but I have started from 180mmHg. How to get physio touch? Can I buy it? Lisa did you decided on your own to not take a pencillin VK anymore? or it was advice from the doctor? I am under care of lymphoedema Clinic in Derby.

  • Hi Marjo

    I went against the doctors orders because I was feeling terrible from so many antibiotics. You have to do what's best for you. Start using coconut oil or antibacterial cream that fights infection. I think this helped me as well. I now have my own Physio touch because it's not available in Canada as yet. Follow me on Instagram lisa_beats_lymphedema .. Send me your email and I can send you some info on it. This is the first time in ten years I've had this turn around 😊 I want to send you before and after pic of only two months.

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