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Ulcer dressings

The Wound Formulary for my area of England no longer recommend Mepilex, which are a foam dressing that I've found comfortable and effective.

When I finished a course of dressings I was given more of the non-adhesive dressing that had been used, to have under my compression hosiery. There was no gauze or padding and one wound wasn't happy after a couple of days so I've used Mepilex supplied earlier.

I believe Mepilex costs the NHS less than £3 per dressing. I don't know the cost of the cheaper alternatives, but I hope they are equally good and actually available when I next have ulcers.

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its very unfair when something is working for you, Its not cost affective if cheaper ones don't work and you end up needing more, its short sighted in the end.


After years of going to nurses to have the wounds on my legs dressed one nurse put some Inadine Pads which basically dried open bloody wound up within a few days so now if I have open wounds including weeping wounds I use these . I might add it says on the box Lets Heal that is exactly what it does


The nurses I see are keen on Inadine and used it on me at one time, but unfortunately my thyroid doesn't like the iodine content.

Before they hit on Mepilex, another foam dressing was used, but its adhesive border irritated and tore my skin.

I've kept an old set of hosiery which are a larger size, and work OK over dressings and Mepilex (so far) is the easiest to deal with. The non-adhesive open weave type has to somehow be held in place while putting on the stocking but Mepilex is just tacky enough to stay put.

When things are more serious and I'm being seen by a nurse two or three times a week, the foot and lower leg are bandaged with synthetic wool (warmth promotes healing) over the dressing(s) and then a Comfigrip tubular bandage goes from foot to knee and back again.


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