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In recent months my legs are getting more painful and swell up just walking around Asia shopping.  My husband is very supportive and helps me a lot and encourages me to have massages to relieve the swelling does help.   However, this costs and we are pensioners.  Does anyone know if there is a benefit to help people with lymph oedema?

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  • Hello Hepsibar - I have replied via a Private Message - you may notice that the little 'bell' at the top of the page has changed colour.  Just click on it, and my message will be there.

  • Hi Lynora I too have the same problem. Lymphatic drainage is the only thing that helps but as Hepsibar said as a pensioner it becomes very expensive. Hope you can help with some words of wisdom! 

  • I have sent you a PM too delmar354

  • Thanks struggling to open message but when I'm home will ask my daughter

  • Thank you for your help

  • Don't know where you live, but make enquiries at charities such as Age Uk, as our local one offers massage for £25 for an hour.  If you live in London Paul's Support Centre offers MLD for £45 per hour.

  • outrageously expensive

  • Er - not really.  The Therapist is fully qualified, had to go to Austria and pay for a long course, and if you have MLD at the usual centres the cost is from £75 per hour.  The trouble is with the UK we pay £2,500 per person per year for the NHS, but there is this myth that it is 'free'.  

  • The term most of often used to describe NHS funding is 'free at the point of need' . Most developed countries spend 8% plus of GDP on healthcare the only difference are how much more than 8% they spend (the US is more like 14-16%) and how the money is collected, it's never free. 

  • Could a therapist show your husband how to do it? Mine was willing to show my husband. 

  • My  husband tries his best to give me a massage but though we have fun it's not the same ax a professional

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