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Can you get help with walking?


I am increasingly getting worse walking with a stick...I have spoken to others who have a mobility scooter for use in bad times but not sure whether it is a good idea or not...Trouble is doctors are a rural practice and my condition is not really known about..I cannot even get compression stockings which everyone says that have...

I have just found this website and am trying to learn correct things to do and eat to help...All advice gratefully accepted please....

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If you are in the uk then the best thing to do is to ask your doctor for a referral to physiotherapy. The physiotherapists will assess you and decide what would be the best way to help you as there are other alternatives to using a stick or a mobility scooter. Good luck, Linda.

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Thank you it's knowing the questions to ask...Will do so..

hi i have been walking with crutches for the past 5 years if you find walking with a stick helps then i would say use it as much as you need to good luck heather

Have you found the crutches better? Stick is fine when small amount of walking..but if I have been walking on and off for the day I tend to find stick very one sided...

ive tried using a stick but i cant get on with it i also tend to walk one sided when i used one crutches for me are one hundred percent better give it a try and please will you let me know how you get on good luck heather

Hi welcome to the forum. Lots of people will offer you support. First step is to find proper lymphoedema practictioner, either nurse or physiotherapist. The doctor in your rural practice could complete the BMJ module on lymhoedema which was developed by LSN. S/he would then understand your condition better and know to refer you to a specialist. The specialist will assess your needs, may be able to give you garments to try, and authorise your GP to repeat prescribe your compression garments. Good luck with your search

I find the crutches help both my legs and my back

and fortunately have eliminated my falling backwards

which was getting to be a regular thing. The balance is changed

when I use the sticks so I am more upright.

I actually cannot walk any distance at all without severe

pain so I dont get far but out to the car :

Try the crutches

Best wishes


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