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Hello everyone. I am suffering from mild occasional swelling around my waist, legs and feet and hands as well. I have had the dreaded blood test and of course, nothing showed up. I decided I was dehydrated and began drinking massive amounts of water. The swelling eventually went away. Well it's back now. I do drink coke and coffee and am wondering what in the world is causing my swelling! My doctors say nothing is wrong with me! This is very frustrating and actually painful. Can anyone help? By the way. I am actually underweight. So the weight is not an issue. I had a kidney and bladder MRI and scan and it showed nothing. I also have occasional discharges from my vaginal area but again tests show absolutely nothing. Today I have a mild tire around my waist and am miserable. Can dehydration cause these symptoms??

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  • Do you have lymphoedema? Have you had cancer treatment? Have you come to this forum due to unexplained swelling?

    You can develop problems by drinking too much water, and most definitely cause problems by drinking too much carbonated fluid. Coffee should be OK - in moderation - again, excessive intake might be a problem.

    I am not sure you are in the right forum. Could you have a digestive problem that is causing the symptoms? Maybe you should ask to see a Gastroenterologist for more thorough screening?

  • Thank you for your answer. I might be in the wrong place. I came to here for unexplained swelling yes. I have not been diagnosed with lymphoedema

    I thought I may have it....

  • I have not been diagnosed with cancer or anything for that matter. I have had swelling in my legs for years but it has now moved to my waist and worries me. I saw a urologist and gynecologist and all tests were normal. Swelling in the waist is not normal so something has to be wrong I will try another forum. Thanks again.

  • Please let me elaborate. I am a 45 year old female who has not been diagnosed with anything. I began having swelling in my 20s and simply ignored it. Fast forward to a year ago when I began experiencing swelling in my legs feet and waistline as well as buttocks. I also had blood in my urine which led to testing and no results at all. I obviously have some type of edema but no one has any idea what is causing it and what to even test for. This led me to your forum since doctors so far have been no help whatsoever. I am scared and frustrated and do not know where to go from here. I have no KNOWN health issues

    But obviously something is causing my swelling. I can feel the fluid retention in my waist and butt today and when I lean over my skin just hangs from the fluid!

  • Hi meg1031, my stomach does that when standing I look 6 months pregnant and bent over just hangs. I have pics on here so where of it, my embarrassing stomach.

  • Have a look at the website of the Lymphoedema Support Network . They have lots of information on lymphoedema and a telephone helpline. Hopefully that will help you decide whether to persue lymphoedema as a possibility (& how) or look for another cause.

  • Also look at the information on the same website on Lipoedema and see if any of that applies to you.

  • Thank you all for your information and responses

  • After researching and reading, I do not think I have lymphoedema. At least not diagnosed .... my symptoms are a little different. Thanks and sorry if I wasted anyone's time.

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