Injury on the knees

While rushing on a busy crossing in the city I fell down on the tarsealed street. The skin on both my knees ripped tearing through my stockings and bones were exposed. I applied antiseptic cream and plaster but the next day I am unable to bend my knees and very painful walking. Thick blood oozes out then dries up. Can someone suggest a fast healing method. I hate missing my gym and week-end dancing. Want to get better quickly.

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  • I would like to think that you have sought help from a medical professional - if bone was exposed, and you now have an oozing wound, there may well be infection - you must get it checked!

    Don't mess about with injuries - or come on to forums to get advice - get advice!

  • Thanks Lynora. I was 400km away from home. I used antiseptic but it is badly infected now, swollen and tender. Back home now and got an appointment with the doctor.

  • Tarasingh - do you have lymphoedema?

  • You don't say what part of your body is affected (or vulnerable) with lymphoedema. In my case it is below knee in both legs. I am obsessed about using antiseptic on even a tiny break in my skin on my legs (knee and below). When I had surgery on my feet I was put on antibiotics before the operation and for a couple of weeks after. To be honest whether or not your knees are affected by Lymphoedema the injuries you describe sound like they need proper medical attention.

  • Thank you Anne. You are so right. I regret not going to the doctor immediately by prioritising the meeting. It is infected and swollen. I can hardly walk. On my way to the doctor now. Thank you for the advice.

  • Goid luck! Hope it's not too bad.

  • Thanks. The pain is a bit less today. But will have to miss gym for a while.

  • first get an xray make sure you have no breaks or tears....see your MD ASAP..

  • Thanks for your advice, Goodtimes. Got my xray booking for today. I feel like a big sook.

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