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Full fat greek yoghurt

Hi everyone..does anyone know if its ok to eat ff greek yog. I have read that i shd avoid all dairy BUt in other places have read avoid all dairy except ff greek yog.

I have been eating it daily as part of a low carb diet for 9 months and have lost over six stone,but my knees and ankles are very swollen and my GP thinks i have some form of oedema and has referred me to the vascular clinic at my local hosp. Awaiting appt.

I love my greek yog but wd give it up if it helped my condition in any way! Its frustrating to have lost so much weight but still have large knees and ankles. I think too there may be a problem with hips and arms, as altho i have lost a lot of weight all over,theres some fat left on upper arms and hips/ tum that wont seem to budge.

Thanks for reading! X

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A balanced diet is what we all need. Unless you have problems with diary for other health reasons there is no need to avoid it for lymphoedema.


Thanks Anne 👍🏻



Sounds like complete nonsense!




Dairy alone won't cause localised oedema only in your knees and ankles - if you have sensitivity to it you'd have all over bodily symptoms. I'm allergic to dairy -any kind of dairy - I get a red itchy rash all over my body, if I have even one bite.

Well done for all your weight loss.

Dairy is not good for the human body - lots of research on that however that's a different topic for another web page! Remove the yoghurt/dairy from your diet for 1 month and see if you experience any changes.... this is how you'll know if it's right for you to eat/omit it going forward


Thanks CCT 67 ..sorry to hear about yr rash but helpful to know.


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