Wrapping my legs gave me so much pain and touching my legs hurts also as i Had them massaged and that also hurt I just keep them elevated

I have tried everything ..no releif..amd keeping left bottom legs elevated and taking pain pills and my Dr's here are no help..have had epidurals for my back which did not work at this point am very frustrated would like any advice..

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  • Where are you goodtimes? What clinic was treating you? Is it secondary lymphoedema or primary? Have you had a back injury which required the epidural? What sort of pain meds have you been prescribed? What sort of 'massage? MLD? What sort of 'wrapping' - multilayer bandaging? Farrow Wrap?

    Sorry for the questions - trying to find a solution for you.

  • Why don't you go to a different GP as the pain might be due to something specific which needs to be investigated. Who suggested epidural? Trying to get rid of the pain won't solve necessarily the problem. Ask for an X-ray of your spine or an ultrasound, depending on what the doctors think the reason is. Good luck!

  • My understanding is that lymphoedema in itself, when it is properly managed and when the patient does not have cellulitus, should not cause the pain you are describing. I suggest you contact the Lymphoedema Support Network lymphoedema.org. You can phone them, details on their website. You can talk things through with them so you can see if you can work out what is going on. They have lots of information on how to manage the condition, where to get help, how to go about getting help if it is not being made available to you.

  • Have you checked you don't have cellulitis ? When I had this, I also had severe pain, tenderness, itching and the skin was bright red and shiny. After treatment with antibiotics and a cream called Fucibet made up of a steroid and an antibiotic all that pain etc has gone. So do check ! Best wishes!

  • Can i suggest you try a Lympha Press! Have a trial and see if it works for you! No obligation and no hard sell!


  • I have a pair of boots but cannot keep them on for long very little relief..thanks for your help

  • Boots?

    Sorry I don't understand! Please take a look at the website and look at the full trouser garment!

    The key to the lymphatic press is that the pre therapy starts proximal and then works down to the distal ensuring flow to the Inguinal nodes and no flooding! Pressure can be kept very low initially and may be stopped at any time if your feeling discomfort!

    Please don't dismiss this equipment especially if you have tried others. I promise you Mego Afek know what they are doing!👍

  • Mine is not the commercial big boots that i did try when a therapist came to my house I have the non commercial one and not the one you promote..i have a very sensitive skin problem and anything that pumps them in and out hurts but thank you for your help i am sure it works for other people...but not for me..

  • Hi their good times... I know exactly what you mean , I have that many allergies to the compression,Bandages,ect due to a skin condition that all I can do is Keep moisturising to keep the skin from drying out,and prevent infection their is no pain killers been made to stop this kind of pain now and again I may take paracetamol other than that just elevation rest and eating healthy as much as possible. Best wishes.

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