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What to expect

If I had my first appointment over again, I would have taken a list of childhood illnesses, and later ones, with me. Turned out childhood polio was major factor. Other illnesses could impact on LD.

I would also DEMAND proper skin care; UK very bad about this, but it's automatic in most European countries. If you have itchy, flaky skin, you have right to obtain Flexitol Skin Balm and Heel Balm on prescription (most GPs have no idea skin care is so important - and both products are mentioned in BFN)

Others in this forum are much more knowledgeable, so listen to them - and good luck,

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I still have acqueaous cream on prescription due to all my scar tissue but recently had shingles but gp would not give me cream I had to buy some at over five pounds !! Luckily my skin intact


Thank you for that. I'm using E45 twice a day on legs at the moment. Not really doing a lot of good.

I will ask about skin care options when I go to clinic. I suspect swelling is down to untreated varicose veins. They started 34 years ago after birth of my first child. GP at that time dismissed them completely, saying "only varicose veins, nothing to worry about, leave well alone". Ho hum.


Hi catlady56 i was also using E45 twice a day but felt i needed something more I now use Diprobase perscribed by GP its much better

but after rubbing it in well still need to leave it a few mins before putting on compression tights.


Hello alisonlouise4444, yes I will have to sort out something better than E45 as today left shin closely resembles a severe snow storm with added itching! I will ask about Diprobase. Thanks for the advice it is appreciated.


My Chemist said E45 was not suitable, but recommended Flexitol. It's Australian, developed in conjunction with their Cancer Society, specially for cancer patients. YOU CAN GET THIS ON PRESCRIPTION and it's in the BNF - but many Doctors don't know about it. Comes in two types: Skin Balm and Heel Balm. I get both on Prescription, and wrote about it on to let others in to Secret! Good Luck - they make lots of things for skin but don't know if others are approved by NICE.

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Thank you for that advice veriterc.


I tried Flexitol heel balm after receiving a trial sample but it contains urea which I seem to be sensitive to, though a lot of people find it helpful. The best skin product I have found is Doublebase gel, i get it on prescription as an emollient in my eczema care but it is great as a general moisturiser.(my partner has been using it as after sun after geting a bit too much sun on our skiing holiday). I get it as a 500g pump dispenser but also in 100g tubes for taking on holiday and swimming, and I think Boots pharmacy sells 200g tubes. It is worth a try, it's a bit of a lottery finding what works!


You are right about skincare being a lottery - and troub;e is it ieft to us to find cure - and then persuade GP to prescribe. !!!


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