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What to wear on a 4 hour flight?

Hey guys, just wondered if any of you had any advice, I have lymphoedema in my left leg and foot, around 2 inches larger than my other leg... although I appreciate my condition to be minor in comparison, I do wear a very tight sock and stocking.

-What is most comfortable for anyone with this experience when flying?

-Loose trouser or will i be okay in a legging?

-Going to Tunisia and by the time we get there it will be 11pm?

all questions buzzing around my head and message boards i have looked at are about as useful as a chocolate teapot!

Any input welcome, even if you tell me I'm over-thinking and being daft haha!

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I would wear your stocking and sock as normal and whatever you are most comfortable in over the top. For me personally, it would be loose trousers as I would be concerned about being too hot, but it's a personal choice. As long as you wear your compression garments and comfortable footwear and clothes you should be fine. Enjoy your holiday.


Hi MissLb92. Don't will have a great time. I had the same worries and I often fly to the Canaries which is around a 5 hour flight. I always wear my normal compression stocking...class 3 and try and get an aisle seat so you can stretch out your leg when possible. touch wood I've never had any problems with flying. Top tip I learned on here! Take a water bottle like the one you spray plants with and carry it with you to spray your leg/stocking when you get hot as it really does help you stay cool. Also I would also recommend getting some anti-biotics from your GP to carry as if ..God start feeling unwell as you have caught an infection you can start them straight away and it could help prevent you getting worse! I always wear loose linen trousers and long maxi skirts/dresses but just wear whatever you're most comfy in and most of all...chill out and enjoy your holiday xx


Hi I fly to Tenerife several times a year which I a 4 hour20 minutes flight. I wear my dtockings as usual, stick to an aisle seat and if plane is not full ty and get an extra seat to rise your legs.

Have antibiotics with you, and on your first 24hours rest and keep legs raised as much as possible it does help I promise,

Do t forget your glue for stockings as the heat will make your legs sweat and stockings tart coming down......I found out to my cost.


Thankyou all for your help and kindness! Stressing a lot less now :)


Hi there, 4 hours is not so bad, I've done 10-12 hour flights where I managed, but they were learning curves. Make sure to wear your compression stocking, get up every now and then to stretch and walk around and also make some sitting exercises. I have a blogpost about flying with Lymphedema and if you want you can download my exercises. Have a lovely trip!


wear you normal compression garment as usaul, have a great time, been to tunisia 5 times and love it, will be hot so go prepared with good sunscreen etc, Have a lovley flight and time. Elevate your legs as often as you can when sitting,


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