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Have tried Farrow wrap, but they still need strength to pull across and fasten. It is just so annoying - but the NHS is 'forgetting' polio, and my GP asked me other day why I hadn't had vaccination. When I said Salk announced it month after I caught it, he didn't even apologise! Now NHS Choices has removed all mention of Polio off its website; only mentions PPS - which isn't what I have.

Still, it's lovely getting all this support from everyone - so MANY thanks.

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I think that a machine might be the only solution. I wonder if in your case you wouldn't be able to ask the NHS for some financial help in acquiring such a machine. No compression sleeve will ever be easy to put on as by its nature it's made so as to be tight on the affected limb.



My mother has fixed a hair grip to the zip pull

which makes it a bit easier for weaker hands.

Hope this helps


I am such a wimp - but can't even pull up a hairgrip. But thanks for all the help - and in return I write for, and have been posting stories about Election which I hope makes you smile. -



One other possibility - apart from

the Lymphapants which are life

changing ( for us) if u can get them,

try a lower comoression. Having had

LD all my life I realised that there is a conflict in the advice. Don't restrict the circulation on the one hand use

compression on the other. ( that

doesn't match does it) so I tried

on myself and my mother lowering

From a class 2 to a class one.

My mother who is 97 can get the

zip up more easily and I have

less congestion at the knee where the sock used to cut in.

I think people are not always balancing the two needs, so compression may be too much for


Best wishes



Intresting - and am now wearing ordinary socks I buy from Peter Jones which supposedly have some compression. I can wear these and my LD nurse didn't turn up her nose - so we shall see.


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